London Moonwalk

Walkies…….Week 13 & 14……

So a great week last week………

But the last two weeks have been shocking… proper walking at all, just a mile or 2 here and there!  My reason (some would say excuse) is due to us moving home, and the time needed to sort it all…….

Next week is the last week before the big day…..hoping to get a few miles in, but, the house might get in the way…….

Slimming World

Week 41…….

So last week I lost 2.5lb, that was a shock!! 3st 1.5lb gone so far!

We’re on holiday this week back to work the Tuesday after Bank Holiday. I know this will be a bad week due to moving house, but……

Saturday: Weetabix for breakfast. Some fruit. Apple and blackberry HiFi bar. McDonald’s chicken nuggets and kinda cheesecake for lunch . Out for dinner tonight (for the bfs birthday) had calamari with garlic and rosemary mayo and beef burger in brioche bun with cheese bacon and egg, coleslaw and chips.

Sunday: For breakfast bacon egg and hash browns sandwich. Some fruit. Carrot and coconut cake. Roast chicken pig in blanket, sausage veg and Yorkshire pud and gravy, and Spotted Fock and custard for dinner. Kinda cheesecake too.

Monday: The bfs birthday! Fried breakfast with sausage egg bacon hash browns bubble & squeak mushroom tomato. Gammon egg pineapple chips peas with ketchup and cheesecake and strawberries and cream for dinner.

Tuesday: For breakfast Heinz Spaghetti Bol on toast. Some fruit. Lots of jelly babies. Omelette with cheese bacon and tomato with ketchup. Cottage pie.

Wednesday: McDonald’s Double Sausage and egg muffin with 2 hash browns for breakfast. A sausage roll. Some fruit. Beef and onion pie with chips mushy peas and ketchup for dinner.

Thursday: Bacon sandwich for breakfast. Some fruit. Crisp sandwich for lunch (that’s all we had in the new place). Pork pasta dish – the only proper food today!

Friday: McDonald’s Double Sausage and egg muffin with 2 hash browns for breakfast. Some fruit. Pancake roll and chips for dinner.

I will really really be surprised if I’ve lost this week, but, circumstances have got in the way. I’ll be back on it Monday at the latest,

Slimming World

Week 40…….

And this week 1/2lb on, not to worry. Onwards to the next !

Saturday: Overnight oats with yogurt and fruit. Some fruit.Naughty for dinner had chinese.

Sunday: Leftover chinese for brunch. Some fruit. For dinner roast beef with veg gravy and Yorkshire pud, and rice pudding.

Monday; Fruit for breakfast….forgot to get yogurt. For lunch ham salad. For dinner beef with veg and gravy. Around 6syns

Tuesday: Overnight oats with yogurt and fruit for breakfast. Lots of fruit. For lunch SlimmingWorld Lasagne.  For dinner pork slice with veg and gravy. Around 6syns.

Wednesday: Overnight oats with yogurt and fruit. Fruit fruit and fruit. Lunch was SlimmingWorld Paella. And dinner was SlimmingWorld spag bol with a little cheese and garlic bread. Around 10syns.

Thursday: Overnight oats with yogurt and fruit for breakfast. Fruit! Lunch was last nights leftovers. Dinner fine dining at McDonald’s grilled chicken and bacon salad with balsamic dressing. 3syns.

Friday: Overnight oats with yogurt and fruit. Some fruit. For lunch I had salad with salad cream and an egg also a slice of cranberry raisin and pecan bread and butter. For dinner fine dining again at McDonald’s but was naughty and had crispy chicken wrap with garlic mayo and chips and mozzarella sticks. A lot of syns!

Hopefully I’ve lost that pound to get to 3st off, but who knows…….

London Moonwalk

Walkies…….Week 12……

Well, had a decent week last week…,.

Monday: Had a very late night last night, with very little sleep. So not much walking today.

Tuesday: No walking today…..due to the excitement of a new home application.

Wednesday: A 19 mile walk today in around 7hours and 20mins. 20.1miles in total today. 48212 steps. Didn’t realise how hot it was going to be… big time sunburn!

Thursday: No real walking today.

Friday: No real walking today either. Was planning a 5 or so mile, but due to circumstances changing I couldn’t!

Saturday: A little 3.5mile walk today. That always seemed a long way…..once!!!

Sunday:  No real walking today.

Happy with this week….. 84895steps  35.38miles

Not so sure the next two or three will be as good…….

Slimming World

Week 39……

And this week I lost 2.5lb. Slightly gutted it wasn’t 3lb and my 3stone award, but I’m in the next stone bracket, I’m happy with that!!

Saturday: Overnight oats with yogurt and frozen fruit. Some fruit. 2 HiFi bars. Omelette with cheese, bacon and tomato for lunch. For dinner was really naughty and had pizza.

Sunday: Today will be what my niece would call a ‘Black Hole Day’. We’re taking another niece out for the day to London, with dinner at Planet Hollywood oh and left over pizza for breakfast!

Monday; Yogurt with melon grapes and mango for breakfast. Fruit! For lunch M&S potato tomato and egg salad with salad cream. For dinner pork slice with roast potatoes and veg and gravy. Around 12syns today.

Tuesday: Overnight oats with yogurt and fruit for breakfast. Fruit. For lunch SlimmingWorld paella. Dinner was sausages veg and potatoes with gravy. 10syns

Wednesday: Started off good….did 19mile wall today! Overnight oats with fruit for breakfast. No lunch. 3 Hifibars and a couple of bits of fruit while walking. A white chocolate magnum. Old El Paso cheesy enchiladas for dinner. Too many syns.

Thursday: Weetabix for breakfast. Some fruit. For lunch on course, so rubbish! For dinner gammon boiled potatoes and veg with salad cream. Too many syns again!

Hoping that long walk has counteracted those syns.

Friday: Overnight oats with yogurt and fruit. Some fruit. Lunch was a chicken and cheese salad from Subway. Dinner was fine dining at McDonald’s chicken and bacon salad with balsamic dressing. About 6syns today.

I would love to have lost that 1/2lb to get to my 3stone, but I don’t expect it after what I have eaten week….I’ll be happy with a maintain, but expect a gain!

London Moonwalk

Walkies……..Week 11……

Should be a good week this week, a planned long walk for Monday, and a few bits and pieces during the week. I’m not going to plan too much as it rarely comes to fruition!!!!

Monday: Took today off of work so that I could go for a walk. Went with my SIL (T), Grumpy (niece) and her two girls N & C. N is 8, and C is 5. We did a total of 10 miles. The girls did amazingly well, all be it on their bikes. N could easily have carried on, but C really struggled the last 2 or so miles, was proud of them both. Just over 11miles today.

Tuesday: Did a 5mile walk today. Checking out the road a little way up from where I live. Around 6miles in total today.

Wednesday: A gentle 1.5miles today. Around 2.75 miles today.

Thursday: Did a 5mile walk after work this evening, 1.5 hours, not bad considering 3 miles was along the top of a riverbank. Just I’ve 7.5miles today.

Friday: Not very far today……

Saturday: This morning I walked 7miles in 2 hours. Feel a little tired but really good!  Just unde 9miles in total today.

Sunday: Was sure how today was going to pan out (took a niece who doesn’t like walking to London for the day, as a surprise), did just over 6.5miles (and in my 3inch high Doc Marten wedges!)

So this week a total of 45.04miles  108057 steps………


Slimming World

Week 38…..

And this week I gained 1lb. I’m happy with that after last week!

Saturday: porridge for late breakfast. Some fruit. Cold slimmers sausage for lunch. Dinner is SlimmingWorld tuna pasta bake with salad. 5syns today.

Sunday: For breakfast we had Kippers with bread. Some fruit. Roast pork with veg and Yorkshire pud and gravy and jam sponge and custard. Around 25syns

Monday: Weetabix for breakfast. A few Haribo whilst walking. Some fruit. SlimmingWorld Sweet and Sour chicken with rice (didn’t like it) for a very late lunch. A few biscuits, liquorice all sorts, jelly babies and jelly beans and a double chocolate hifi bar too. Lots of syns, but I did do that 10 mile walk!

Tuesday: Yogurt with melon mango and grapes for breakfast. Loads of fruit. SlimmingWorld Lasagne for lunch. For dinners had Yorkshire pud with stew. Around 10syns.

Wednesday: Overnight oats with blueberries, grapes and strawberries for breakfast. Lots of fruit. For lunch I had chicken salad and a Mullier Light Vanilla yogurt. Dinner was chicken and chorizo pasta. 8syns.

Thursday: Overnight oats with yogurt for breakfast. Fruit glorious fruit. For lunch I had Heinz Spaghetti Bolognese. For dinner normal sausages potatoes veg and gravy. 15syns today.

Friday: Overnight oats with yogurt and frozen fruit. Lots of fruit. For lunch scrambled eggs and baked beans. For dinner fish chips and peas with ketchup. Around 6syns.

Hopefully all the walking I’ve done will have helps shift at least that 1lb I put on last week……dare I hope I’ve lost 2lb and get that next shiny…..not sure!!!