I’ll have look tomorrow and see what’s out there and what I need to do…..

It was during a conversation with my sister ‘M’ on the way home from our dress pattern cutting class that made me think…..’I’ll have look tomorrow and see what’s out there and what I need to do’…..

M mentioned that she’d heard from her friend, and that her friend had paid for a Personal Shopper at one of the local department stores. The friend had a wedding to go to and decided to give it ago. M told her friend that she didn’t need a personal shopper, that she had me……you can see where my thought process was going now…..

I’ve fancied the idea of becoming a personal shopper for years, my current career couldn’t be further away from it, I work for my Local Government in Highways, and at the time of writing my job is dealing with road surfaces and footways!

Before I go any further, let me introduce myself……

I’m Lisa……it’s spelt Lisa, but pronounced as Liza…..as in Liza Minnelli….(it was a parent thing)…. I would rather be called Leesa, than have my name spelt with a ‘Z’ that is one thing I hate!

I have qualifications in Civil Engineering, British Sign Language.

I volunteer at my local library (Book Café) a couple of hours a fortnight, and I’m the Chairman of the Book Café Committee.

I’ve been sewing since I was little…dolls clothes, which progressed over the years to school skirts through to ball gowns and corsets, with a love of making jackets….hence the dress pattern cutting class, I’ve even made a cover for a kit car. I love attending an event, knowing that, unless it’s by an amazing fluke, no-one else will be wearing the same outfit as me, my ball gowns were dubbed by a friend as ‘House of Lisa’ (I think House of Elliot was on the TV at the time!!)

One day I will own something from the Vivienne Westwood collection…..I love the structure in her designs….one of those times where I wouldn’t care if someone was wearing the same as me at an event.

Anyway back to the personal shopping idea…..

M very rarely buys a dress without asking me what I think first. If I don’t like it she doesn’t buy it. She has been known in the past, to be bullied into trying on a dress, which she hated on the hanger, and then live in it and it eventually fell apart! Usually I only have to just look at her and she doesn’t bother with some items.

I happily compliment people if they look amazing, or if I love what they are wearing..…whether they are strangers or people I know. One New Year I was asked by a lady in the toilets of the pub we were in, if I would help her with the zip of her ‘cat’ suit….why a zip would be at the back of something like that I will never know, anyhow….I complimented her on how good she looked. Again in some toilets at a gig, there was a young lady with a stunning jacket, I told her so. (Please note I don’t go stalking in toilets, it’s just where these things have come about) I often complement people on shoes…..I love shoes, especially stilettos (my Doc Marten stilettos are the best ever)

So….. I did have a look and see what was out there, and found out what I needed to do……I’m all signed up on a course with The British College of Professional Styling to see where it takes me…