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Week 13……

Well….I maintained this week….apparently that’s how it goes when you’re really close to a target…..not surprised though.

Saturday: Weetabix for breakfast. It was a party at SlimmingWorld Club today, so had lots of syn free nibbles. Some fruit, then it went wrong. Pizza for dinner…with chicken, sweetcorn and peppers. Around 40syns today.

Sunday: Leftover pizza for brunch. Some fruit and a yogurt. Roast pork and veg for dinner with rice pudding for dinner. Around 45syns today.

Monday: Weetabix and fruit for breakfast. Boiled eggs and spinach as a snack. More fruit. Salad for lunch. Lasagna that the sis made for tea…..fresh pasta so about 15syns.

Tuesday: Weetabix for breakfast. Chicken salad for lunch with an Alpen bar.  The usual fruit. Pork chop and veg for dinner. 3 syns today.

Wednesday: Overnight oats for breakfast. A lot of fruit. Heinz Spaghetti Bolognese for lunch. Dinner was Sausage egg chips and beans. Around 8 syns today.

Thursday: Weetabix and fruit for breakfast.  More fruit. A packet of salt and vinegar French fries (I’ve been craving crisps all week). Heinz Beef Ravioli for lunch.  Fine dining of McDonalds grilled chicken salad with balsamic dressing for dinner.   9 syns today.

Friday: Weetabix for breakfast. 2 left over sausages from Wednesday for lunch. Some fruit. Fish and chips for dinner. About 9 syns today.

Do I get  those shiny stickers at weigh in or not…….fingers crossed!!

Slimming World

Week 12……

So I’m now 3 months in on this weight loss thing……last week I lost 3.5lb and got Slimmer of the Week (another shiny sticker)! That’s 1st 5.5lb off in total, 1.5lb to go to my 1.5st off, and my 10% off!

Have got a wedding next weekend.  The dress I was planning to wear is now too big…..I gutted!! Now on the hunt for something to wear….struggling to work out what size I want and what style I need. It’s not helpful that whatever I buy won’t (hopefully)be much good come Christmas. 

Saturday: Morning oats in yogurt for breakfast with blueberries, peach and nectarine. Lunch was scrambled eggs with spaghetti rings in tomatoe sauce and an apple. For Dinner we had chinese….second week in a row….not so good. A lot of syns.

Sunday: Brunch was leftover chinese 🤔. Some fruit. Dinner was roast chicken and veg (about 2 syns) but dessert was treacle tart and custard…..mmmmm….. Lots and lots of syns! 🙁

Monday: Weetabix for breakfast. Chicken salad for lunch. Plenty of fruit. SlimmingWorld Spaghetti Bolognaise for dinner, with a little bit of cheese and a tiny piece of garlic bread.  Around 5syns today.

Tuesday: Overnight oats in yogurt with blueberries for breakfast. Fruit, lots of! Leftover Spaghetti Bolognaise for lunch, with cheese – my Healthy Extra.  For dinner it’s SlimmingWorld chips, baked beans and Chicken Kiev, and a fresh cream cake… would’ve gone out of date if I hadn’t. 😕. About 17syns today.

Wednesday: Overnight oats in yogurt with blueberries for breakfast. Salad for lunch, with a couple or four dark chocolate digestive thins. Spaghetti Carbonara for dinner with a little bit of garlic bread. Went to a meeting this evening with nibbles…..the secretary to the meeting makes melt in your mouth small butterfly cakes….the half of cheese scone was nice too. Around 20syns today. 

Thursday: Overnight oats in yogurt and blueberries for breakfast. The last of the spaghetti bolognaise for lunch. McDonald’s grilled chicken salad with balsamic dressing for dinner. 1.5syns today. 

Friday: Overnight oats in yogurt with blueberries for breakfast. Scrambled eggs and baked beans for lunch. Lots of fruit. An Alpen bar…needed a chocolate hit! Fish and chip van cod, with batter removed and mushy peas for dinner. 3syns today. 

I really want those two shiny stickers……the 1.5stone off one and the 10% off one (this is the 1st target)…….  Then in theory I have 3st to go.  I’m not sure I want to go that far, maybe 1st or 1.5st more off, I have clothes I want to fit in, so we will see……especially after syns that have passed my lips this week!!! 



Slimming World

Week 11…..:

So maintained this week……gotta be really good this week. I want that next shiny sticker. No birthday parties to jeopardise this one!

Saturday: Weetabix for breakfast. Lunch was boiled eggs and chicken. Dinner it went wrong……we had chinese….was lovely…..must be good tomorrow after breakfast. Too many syns today.

Sunday: Chinese for brunch…last nights leftovers😳. Some fruit. Roast beef and veg with a yogurt for dessert for dinner. A lot of syns today.

Tomorrow is a new day, we’ll do this properly!!

Monday: Weetabix for breakfast. Some fruit. A HiFi bar…..had the munchies! SlimmingWorld Smokey BBQ Chicken with Beans for lunch. Dinner was pasta bolognaise with chips.  About 15 syns today.

Tuesday: Overnight oats and blueberries for breakfast.  Chicken salad for lunch.  Lots of fruit. For dinner we had steak with potatoes and green beans.  About 3 syns today.

Wednesday: Weetabix for breakfast. The inevitable fruit.  SlimmingWorld Creamy Ham & Mushroom Farfalle for lunch, this was really nice, not spicy as most SlimmingWorld meals seem to be.  So up to that point, I was really really good……Then it all went wrong!  Due to a last minute change of plans, the planned Waitrose Chicken Kiev (10.5 syns), baked beans and SlimmingWorld Chips, went out of the window.  By the time we got to eat, it was too late to start cooking, so we ended up in Pizza Hut….I was good and had salad, maybe shouldn’t have had the drizzle of garlic mayo, but was also very naughty, and had Hawaiian Pizza with sweetcorn (not sure what happened to the pineapple though!) Too many syns today.

It’s not looking good for Saturday weigh in…….

Thursday: Weetabix for breakfast.  Obviously fruit.  A couple of boiled eggs in the morning as a snack. Salad for lunch and for dinner we had vegetable soup with dumplings. Around 6 syns today. 

Friday: Breakfast was Overnight oars in yogurt for a change ( really liked them). Lunch was chicken pieces and fruit. Dinner was chicken pasta with mushrooms, onions and garlic, the chew on this was my Healthy Extra for the day! . I also gave in to the Cadbury’s Fudge that kept looking at me! 5.5syns today. 

I’m not expecting miracles tomorrow at weigh in after the rubbish I’ve eaten, but I can hope…….

Slimming World

Week 10…….

Sooo…..this week I lost 2lb…….happy with that especially after last week! I still blame the full length jeans!!

Saturday: A good start, scambled eggs with baked beans for breakfast.  Then it went wrong for the weekend…..we had a 1st Birthday Party to go to….iut would have been rude not to eat the food supplied…..I did take the skin off of the chicken and had some salad, but it was the pork pie, cocktail sausages, little slices of pizza, coleslaw, potato salad………  In the evening I was good, chip shop fish with batter removed and mushy peas!  Too many syns…..

Sunday: Cod roe for breakfast, Healthy extra bread with it – a couple of syns for the oil and flour.  Then it went wrong again, the friend who held the party Saturday needed some emergency help……ended up eating a couple or five mini sausage rolls and a slice of birthday cake, once the emergency was sorted.  Road pork and veg for dinner, and yogurt for desert.  Some fruit today!  Not as many sys as yesterday, but still too many!!!!

Monday:  Planning to be as good as possible today.  Weetabix and banana for breakfast.  a few bits of fruit. Chicken Salad for lunch.  I have a packet of Walkers French Fries…..going to try and be good and leave them in the draw… that was going to happen! Veg with toad in the hole (Yorkshire pud with sausages) and gravy for dinner. Around 15 suns today.

This isn’t looking good for syns so far this week…….😳

Tuesday: Overnight oats with blueberries for breakfast.  Chicken salad for lunch. A lot of fruit. Dinner was fish, chips and mushy peas (not from the chip shop).  Around 15 syns today.

Wednesday: Weetabix for breakfast. Ham salad for lunch, with loads of fruit.  Sausage (Slimmers version) egg, chips (SlimmingWorld style) and beans for dinner.  I’ve also discovered that McVities Digestive thins (with chocolate) are only 1.5 syns per biscuit.  So 5 syns today.

I have a grumpy MIL at the mo, she gained 1/2lb last week.  She seems to be losing her motivation.  I’m trying to help, but……  It’s her birthday in a couple of weeks, so my plan is to buy her incentive clothes, just the one size smaller than she is, but something to help her.

Thursday: Weetabix and banana for breakfast. More fruit! Spaghetti Hoops in tomato sauce with left over sausages and yogurt for lunch.  The fine dining of McDonalds for dinner….grilled chicken and bacon salad with balsamic dressing.  3 syns today.

Friday: Overnight oats and blueberries for breakfast. Chicken salad for lunch. Loads of fruit Disaster for dinner, did an emergency trip to A& E for a friend with her little girl, had Burger King Chicken Royale with cheese and bacon and Mozzarella sticks. Too many syns. 

Wonder what weigh in will bring!

Slimming World

Week 9…..

Hmmmm…….1lb on this week…..oh well, onto a new week! According to my club rep, I’ve got a good positive attitude towards it all regardless. As far as I’m concerned I’m surprised it hasn’t happened before!!   I blame the fact that I’m now wearing full length not 3/4 length jeans and socks!! 🤣

I’ve had to resort to sweetners in my tea…..have really been struggling without having sugar…..

Saturday: Weetabix for breakfast. Lunch was chicken, boiled eggs, spinach, bananas and a tangerine. Dinner was fish & chip shop cod and haddock (batter removed on both) with mushy peas, a muller yogurt, fruit and Alpen light bars. 6 syns today. 

Sunday: cheesy scrambled eggs with baked beans on toast for brunch. Loads of fruit and a Jaffa Cake Allen bar. For dinner roast chicken, veg, gravy and pigs in blankets and muller light summer fruits yogurt. 5.5 syns today. 

Monday: Weetabix for breakfast. Lots of fruit. Was taken out for lunch, menu was shocking, I had a chicken nugget type thing for starter, with Gammon, eggs, chips and pineapple for main…..I left most of the chips. For dinner, my mum did stew. A good 15-20 syns today.

Tuesday: Morning oats with blueberries for breakfast. The usual loads of fruit. I was really good and turned down a pork pie….I love pork pies!! For lunch I’m having SlimmingWorld Smokey tomato, bean and chorizo style sausage soup. Dinner was gammon with veg and a HiFi bar. 9 syns today. 

Wednesday: Morning oats for breakfast, with a banana. Fruit, fruit and more fruit. Ham salad and HiFi bar for lunch. Dinner… plan was SlimmingWorld chorizo sausages and chicken pasta, only Iceland didn’t have the sausages…..I ended up using proper chorizo 😕. Around 20syns today. ☹️

Thursday: Weetabix for breakfast. Ham salad and fruit for lunch and HiFi bar. McDonald’s grilled chicken salad with balsamic dressing for dinner. 6 syns today. 

Friday: Weetabix for breakfast. Some fruit. Subway chicken salad for lunch. McDonald’s chicken & bacon salad for dinner. About 8 syns today. 

Fingers crossed that the pound I gained last week has gone with more this week…….tomorrow we will see!!!

Slimming World

Week 8……

Soooo……..after a roller coaster week last week, I really struggled with the lack of biscuits and chocolate…..I lost 2lb! That’s 1st 1lb loss so far after 7 weeks! 😃  I got a nice shiny sticker to say I’ve lost 1stone!!

Saturday: Morning oats with blueberries today for breakfast. Lunch was scrambled eggs baked beans and ham. Some fruit today, but not much. It all went horribly wrong this evening….went to an all you can eat buffet.  It was a spur of the moment thing, we were out and needed food, and for £15.99, I wasn’t only going to eat what little salad and fruit they had, no excuses, but it was lovely! Millions of syns!

Sunday: Cod Roe for brunch with a slice of bread…after last night I didn’t worry too much about syns.  I had some fruit during the day, but not much.  Roast beef for dinner, with cheesecake for desert!  About 20 syns today 😦

Going to try and be really good the rest of this week…….

Monday: Weetabix for breakfast (the Healthy Extra). Loads of fruit.  Chicken Salad for lunch.  Off to see Marti Pellow this evening……dinner was another disaster…..after taking a long detour to the concert, we arrived to find there was no real food, so dinner was a packet of crisps and a triple chocolate cookie……about 30 syns today!

Saturdays class theme was reasons not excuses……..

Tuesday: Shredded wheat for breakfast.  A lot of fruit, and a couple of boiled eggs in between.  Chicken salad for lunch. Slimmingworld Spag Bol for dinner, with a tiny piece of Garlic bread.  Probably about 1 syn today with the garlic bread!

Wednesday: Overnight oats for breakfast, with the usual loads of fruit in between.  Left over Spag Bol for lunch (tasted quite good reheated.).  Local butcher slimmer sausages with SlimmingWorld chips eggs and beans for dinner.  2 syns today.

Thursday:  Weeabix for breakfast.  Feel really hungry this morning, eaten most of my fruit already….banana, apple, nectarine, grapes a plum, pear…’s only 11.30am.  Only got my salad with left over sausages from last night and a clementine left……might have to give in to the HiFi bar……will try not too!!! Well I gave in😳…..I had the mint HiFi bar…….it tasted soooo good!! Dinner was SlimmingWorld chicken nuggets and jacket spud with cheese (healthy extra) and baked beans. 6 syns today. 

Friday: Scrambled eggs with cheese and baked beans for breakfast. Since then it’s been not so good. A mint and a double choc HiFi bars (healthy extras!), some fruit, and tomatoes for lunch…… For dinner we had McDonalds, the bf ordered the wrong salad, so I had crispy chicken rather than grilled…oops…..!!

This week hasn’t been great so not expecting to have lost this week… I plan to wear full length jeans rather than 3/4 length, I wonder how much they add……

Slimming World


I’m wondering if I should get the scales out to see how much heavier a full length pair of jeans are compared to 3/4 length……

I’m off to SlimmingWorld tomorrow morning, and it’s too cold to persevere with bare legs…. .however little is on show!! 

Then there’s the question of how much do socks weigh?

What about wearing long sleeved tops?

How much will a jacket or jumper weigh?

Will these items of clothing hinder my efforts?

Hmmmm…….now if I don’t lose weight this week…..can I use the excuse of longer jeans……