London Moonwalk

Walkies……The big event……

Well that was horrible, I didn’t enjoy it at all.

I was physically prepared, did the 19 miles and a few 6-10 miles as well as the smaller 2-5 milers.

But I wasn’t mentally prepared!

One thing I learnt from the whole process is that, if you’re not mentally prepared for it, then it will be tough….really really tough.

The sleep deprevation is something else…..30hrs of no sleep…….

Up until we knew we had our new home I was mentally prepared, I would have easily walked it all, I was in the right place both mentally and physically. Unfortunately over the last couple of weeks I drifted away from the walk and moved my energies to our home. Friday before the big day arrived very quickly, and I really didn’t know if I was coming or going that evening. Luckily M was taking part too and helped me put together what I needed.

Saturday morning at SlimmingWorld was great, I knew I wasn’t mentally prepared, but knew I had to go ahead with it. The afternoon arrived and on my way to meet the others E, T, S & M, I could quite happily have gone right round one of the roundabouts and back home, I really didn’t want to go.

They put in a great event, a bit too much to my thinking before the race, and support from bands, fire eaters side shows for the first few miles, but not when they were needed most, the last few miles. The volunteers were amazing and supportive, but there is only so much they could do. The walkers weren’t so friendly once they started either!

I think there are things they could do better…… The side shows and encouragement throughout, not just relying on those awesome volunteers. The tent was too flash, a simple marquee would have done, with bits and pieces around, and people on stage. The warm up was far too long, it wasn’t until the 3rd out of 6 wave of walkers had gone and they said only those in the next wave should do it. Bag storage area, sit the bags on something, not straight on the grass.  At the end there was nothing but a medal, and an offer of water.

The other thing I struggled with was that roads remained open for all traffic on the route, it wasn’t pleasant, especially when walkers got caught up in bottlenecks of narrow footways. To my mind the entry fee should be paying for road/lane closures for walkers to use, rather than the expensive marquee and entertainment, the bras that 70% are ill fitting (Wonderbra don’t go up to my cup size!).

I hit the wall at around 10miles, about 3/3.30am, had a blister appear which burst at around the 16/17mile mark.  At the 10mile mark, T was struggling too, we kept each other going for the rets of the walk. Due to having to wait at junctions for traffic, after telling M, E & S to leave us and get what time they wanted, we got split up, only to catch up with them about a mile later due to them on a blister plaster stop.  Lost M & E at another junction, but continued with T & S.

M & E finished in around 8 hours, Me, T & S was around 9 hours.

But according to Strava, I did it in about 8hrs 57hrs , 27.4 miles an average of 3.1miles per hour.  We were walking from Midnight through to 10.30am.  I paused the app at toilet and rest stops…..

70468steps 29.38miles on Sunday!

It’s all down to experience……one I will never repeat!

London Moonwalk

Walkies……final week before the big event……

I was so hoping that this would be a much better week for me, but the move has completely got in the way. I really haven’t had the chance to go out and get any real miles in!

Friday: Meltdown mode. Cannot find anything I need for the walk.

Saturday: So today is the big day. SlimmingWorld this morning, then it’s off to London, catching a train around 3/4pm for the big event……..

I’ll happily admit that I’m now scared!!

London Moonwalk

Walkies…….Week 13 & 14……

So a great week last week………

But the last two weeks have been shocking… proper walking at all, just a mile or 2 here and there!  My reason (some would say excuse) is due to us moving home, and the time needed to sort it all…….

Next week is the last week before the big day…..hoping to get a few miles in, but, the house might get in the way…….

London Moonwalk

Walkies…….Week 12……

Well, had a decent week last week…,.

Monday: Had a very late night last night, with very little sleep. So not much walking today.

Tuesday: No walking today…..due to the excitement of a new home application.

Wednesday: A 19 mile walk today in around 7hours and 20mins. 20.1miles in total today. 48212 steps. Didn’t realise how hot it was going to be… big time sunburn!

Thursday: No real walking today.

Friday: No real walking today either. Was planning a 5 or so mile, but due to circumstances changing I couldn’t!

Saturday: A little 3.5mile walk today. That always seemed a long way…..once!!!

Sunday:  No real walking today.

Happy with this week….. 84895steps  35.38miles

Not so sure the next two or three will be as good…….

London Moonwalk

Walkies……..Week 11……

Should be a good week this week, a planned long walk for Monday, and a few bits and pieces during the week. I’m not going to plan too much as it rarely comes to fruition!!!!

Monday: Took today off of work so that I could go for a walk. Went with my SIL (T), Grumpy (niece) and her two girls N & C. N is 8, and C is 5. We did a total of 10 miles. The girls did amazingly well, all be it on their bikes. N could easily have carried on, but C really struggled the last 2 or so miles, was proud of them both. Just over 11miles today.

Tuesday: Did a 5mile walk today. Checking out the road a little way up from where I live. Around 6miles in total today.

Wednesday: A gentle 1.5miles today. Around 2.75 miles today.

Thursday: Did a 5mile walk after work this evening, 1.5 hours, not bad considering 3 miles was along the top of a riverbank. Just I’ve 7.5miles today.

Friday: Not very far today……

Saturday: This morning I walked 7miles in 2 hours. Feel a little tired but really good!  Just unde 9miles in total today.

Sunday: Was sure how today was going to pan out (took a niece who doesn’t like walking to London for the day, as a surprise), did just over 6.5miles (and in my 3inch high Doc Marten wedges!)

So this week a total of 45.04miles  108057 steps………


London Moonwalk

Walkies…..Week 10…..

1§So this week WILL be better…..only 6 weeks to go…….

Monday: Easter Monday, so not so much done today, as messing about fixing the car!

Have got next Monday booked off work, so I can do a long walk, so need to get some in this week…….

Tuesday: The plan is to have a long walk this evening, and if the weather is ok lunchtime, a little walk to and from the post office…..hopefully this plan will come to fruition!

It didn’t!!!

Wednesday: Ended up in A&E with the FIL and bf last night. Got home at 5.30am. So absolutely nothing done today.

Thursday: So I actually got a sort of planned walk in today. Around 3.5miles it was. As well as a couple of miles on a wok site visit!

Friday: Managed to get another 5miles in today. Would’ve been longer, but time wasn’t on my side due to circumstances.

Saturday: A little 1.5mile walk to where the kit car lives today.

Sunday: Not even 1.6miles in total today.

So a total of 59978 Steps 25 miles this week. Not too bad, considering its been tipping it down with rain most of the week.

London Moonwalk

Walkies……Week 9…….

Last week went well…..I was happy with that…… A shame this week, hasn’t kicked off quite so well…….

Monday: Planned to walk to the local Post Office to take a parcel, due to  a (very boring) work presentation over lunch, that I wasn’t invited to until this morning, it didn’t happen, and it can’t wait until tomorrow, so drive to the Post Office it will be on the way home instead…Not happy!!!!

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday: Been naughty and no walking……weather not been too nice, an excuse I know, but…….

Sunday: A little walk today. 3.3miles. So not too bad.

So this week hasn’t been good.

A total of 16.75miles and 40.176 steps this week………