London Moonwalk

Must go walkies…….

I haven’t done any training at all so far for the Moonwalk, stupidly after all the walking at festivals etc over the summer, I haven’t carried it all on…..

Grumpy is upping her game big style….she doing a lot of running, and has managed to get a place in the 2018 London Marathon too……  So it’s all about 5K runs and half marathons with her at the moment.  She’s even got her husband and girls (aged 8 & 5) doing the 5K stuff with her.

I will start properly soon……..

Must get back to the gym………

London Moonwalk

Plantar Fasciitis…..part 2……

Well what a difference…..

I’ve been good and doing the exercises given to me by the doc…..I have a new best friend….a rolling pin!  One of the exercises is to roll my feet over the rolling pin…..the relief it gives is amazing!

Anyways……shoe update. ….  The Merrells are still amazing, I now have a pair of Birkenstocks, and the Shuh version of them.  I’m still finding my way around with them, but they seem to be ok at the moment.

Last week was the Formula 1 British Grand Prix…..we walked around 40 miles, the Merrells were fab, and so was the very nice picnic chair, I purchased so I could sit, whilst M stood and took hundreds of photos! I hardly struggled with foot pain….the whole weekend, now I’m back at work, it’s a different matter!!


London Moonwalk

Plantar Fasciitis…..

The joys…….

I’ve been having problems with both my feet on and off for years…..sometimes I have no pain in the mornings others it takes me a while to hobble to the bathroom, when I first get up. The problem has gradually got worse, no pain when I wear high heels, but even my much loved FitFlops are making my feet hurt.  So after being accepted for the MoonWalk I thought I’d better go and visit the doctors.

The doc was lovely, after apologising for causing pain when he pressed on my heel, he diagnosed me with Plantar Fasciitis, explaining its to do with where the ligaments in my feet meet the bone……all I know is that it is very painful at times.

I have found some walking sandals by Merrell -Vesper Lattice (the ones the bf gave me for my birthday), and my feet are nowhere near as painful after wearing them.

Goodwood weekend proved to be great at working out what footwear I should and shouldn’t wear especially after the 35 or so miles we walked over the weekend.  My loved rubber Crocs I use for driving, are ok for just that and not much else. My Sketchers trainers type shoes, again great for driving but not much else. Because of the expected weather, I didn’t want to wear my nice new shiny Merrells, but I had to give in (and the bf said not to be so stupid) and wear them….what a relief they were, my feet still hurt me whilst walking around, but it was nowhere near as bad as it had been, and in fact they became reasonably pain free, especially after sitting and resting my feet, and more importantly in the mornings.

I’ve learnt whatever I have on my feet I cannot stand still for long, which isn’t great, I’m having to give a concert a miss, because it isn’t practical to take seat with me or sit on the ground.

I’ve been recommended Birkenstocks, as they have a similar sole to my now favourite Merrells…….so it’s watch this space…….

I will be walking the 26 miles and 385 yards, come May next year, whether I can walk once I’ve done it and stopped at the end, is another story…….