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New Year approaching…..

Christmas was lovely (apart from a cold thing).

Totally spoilt with lots of lovely gifts. Straps for my Fitbit Alta, earrings, phone case, money, perfume, sweets, scarf, books and the news that a new great niece or nephew is due next year!

Too much of the wrong food (1/2lb on not too bad at all!), can’t turn down a mince pie…..diet is easier when at work!

Now the New Year to look forward to…..

I’m already 2 stone lighter, I have another 2.5 stone to go.

My Personal Shopper course.

Fast and Furious car show in January.

The London Moonwalk in May.

Maybe the World Rallycross British leg at Silverstone.

The Formula 1 British Grand Prix at Silverstone in July.

Goodwood Festival of Speed in July.

Various kit car shows and meetings.

Trip to Portsmouth Docks.

Concerts: Paul Young and AHA.

That’s all I know of at the moment……

EveryDay stuff

It’s Christmas…….

I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

I hope that everyone has a lovely day.

My thoughts are…..

……with those whose work takes them away from their families at this time of year, whether they be the emergency services, the nurse and doctors, those serving for their country, those on Oil Rigs or gritter drivers.

……also with those who have lost loved ones, especially those who are facing their first Christmas without them…..remember the good times with them, raise a glass to them and have the happy Christmas they would want you to have if they were still with you.

……and those who are volunteering to help others during this period.

EveryDay stuff

Beautiful winter……..

I love winter here in England (I like being inside warm and cosy rather than outside in the cold).

I love how pretty the frost is on the ground, on the trees and other objects.

I think snow is stunning to look at when it’s settled on everything.

Why is it, we’re in one the most beautiful times of year (in my opinion anyway), yet it’s also the most lethal.

I work in Highways and have nothing but the utmost respect for my colleagues who, go out on untreated roads to make it safer for us to drive on them.

These guys have to drive to their designated council depot (at anytime day or night). When they are on call, they cannot really plan anything….just in case. If they do they’ve got to be able to get to the depot when needed whether it be 8pm at night, 3am in the morning or 1pm in the afternoon. Last weekend with the snow, the guys went out 8 times over Saturday and Sunday.

They in turn have to drive the gritter lorries on untreated roads….each run takes around two hours.

It make my blood boil, when people complain that the roads haven’t been gritted, because they can’t drive as fast as they would on a dry day just because they haven’t seen a gritter, doesn’t mean to say the guys haven’t been out, when they’ve all been wrapped up snuggly in bed asleep after their night out drinking.

So a big thank you to those guys who want to have a drink this Christmas but can’t, the ones who (may)have to go out at 6pm Christmas Day, the ones who want to have a drink to celebrate new year but can’t……because they are on call for gritting to make it safer for us to use the roads…..

EveryDay stuff

That snivelling time of year……

Every morning for the last few days I’ve felt like a cold is trying to find its way out. I either get better during the day…yesterday or worse…. Wednesday.

Today I’m starting off really bad……I don’t like it!

I have friends with young babies and others with elderly parents…..it’s not fair on them to be around them with whatever bug this seems to be.

I was asked the other day by Tesco pharmacy if I’ve had my flu jab……she wasn’t quite sure of my reaction of….no I haven’t, and by how I’ll my parents were from it, I’ll give it a miss. My parents still haven’t got over theirs, and they had it weeks ago.

Fingers crossed this won’t develop into anything worse as we are so close to Christmas and I finish work on 20th December and go back on 2nd January.

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Secret screening……

Every so often Cineworld have a secret screening for those of us who have a pay monthly Unlimited Card with them (you can watch as many films as you want for £17.90 a month)…..basically you book a ticket and hope that the film will be good. In the past we’ve seen The secret life of Walter Mitty (it was rubbish) and one of The Planet of the Apes movies (liked that one).

Tonight’s was Mollys Game. Really enjoyed it. Based on a true story about a skier who got injured and on deferring Law school started a Poker ring.

Not something we’d normally go to see, but enjoyed it all the same.

The bonus (or not in my case due to fat club) was the free bar of Galaxy Salted Caramel Chocolate they have us as we went in…..,

EveryDay stuff

It’s nice to be appreciated…..

Part of my work is dealing with something called Road Recycling.  Basically the top layer of the road usually between 150mm and 300mm deep is removed churned up and put back down, and we either put a layer of the stone surfacing (that everyone hates, because you have to drive slow over it, and there is always some idiot who goes too fast in the other direction flicking up stones) over it, or occasionally we tarmac over it – this depends on how rural and how much the road is used.

Anyway…..I’ve know for a few weeks that though using this process, an award has been won by our contractors for Environmental Best Practice. I’m so excited, not because I’ve been invited to the awards ceremony that is in a week or so, but because of its location……The Houses of Parliament!!!  I really am looking forward to this little jolly to London, slightly gutted because I imagine we’re not allowed to take photos once in, but……..WOW!!!!

Also…I’ve been selected to receive an Employee Recognition Award.  I was nominated by my line manager for my part in making the Road Recycling programme a success. For this I get a £50 voucher, but I’m trying to get out of the presentation (I hate things like that in the office – the awards ceremony is a little different).  I couldn’t have achieved anything, if it wasn’t for the work and commitment of one of my colleagues from our contractors.  He deserves the recognition more than me…….he has been amazing, he’s the one who has taught me about all of this over the last couple of years. I have to make final decisions, I raise the orders and pay the bills, but he is the one who makes it happen.  Without him, it would have been a nightmare….. Some bottles of local beer will be heading his way, as a thank you from me.