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Can’t wait for October to end…….

I’ve had enough this month, what with the Mad Mog and his escapades, and the workshop being broken into, not forgetting the puncture and resulting new tyre the bf had to have on his car……

Halloween can’t be here soon enough.

Hopefully, November will be better……

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This weekend was supposed to be a happy one…..my cousins wedding was Saturday, a chance to catch up with family that we haven’t seen for a while.

It all went horribly wrong when the bf got a call just as we were going into the church.  Some low life scum had broken into his workshop where we’ve been doing the kit cars…..this had happened between 5.30pm Friday (we’d been there for the afternoon, to get bits done, as we wouldn’t be about on Saturday) and sometime Saturday morning.

We stayed for the wedding service – the bride looked stunning, bridesmaids in blue, even a flower girl scattering petals in front of the bride as she walked down the isle.  The groom brushed up good.  The service was lovely, it was so nice to go to a wedding where the couple wanted top get married, both had massive smiles that stayed all through the service.  The organist was on a mission….I’ve never sung ‘All things bright and beautiful’ so quickly, as for ‘Lord of the Dance’ well……

We went straight away after the service back to the bf to change, then off to the workshop to find out what damage had been done.

As always, you think the worst……….

Daisy is priceless to us, she is unique, unreplaceable.  Cherry is very rare (about 67 in the world), but the Dutton Owners Club knows exactly where every car is.  The equipment acquired over the years, from tools belonging to his late father to new bits brought for his birthday earlier in the year. As well as car parts, and push bikes.

When we got there, relief, the Dutton was still as we had left it.  The little darlings had smashed the glass on the side door…..a fire door, so it wasn’t too easy. The door had been wedged shut by someone in a neighbouring unit. When we got in the workshop, we were amazed to find that the place hadn’t been trashed.

Daisy, apart from some cosmetic damage was fine. Whoever had done it had uncovered the back half of her, we’ve got a go-pro mount on the roll bar, but never leave the camera there, they left the helmets that were in the passenger side, and placed (not thrown) the rubbish bin, the right way up, on the drivers seat. Her back cover hadn’t been undone either.  They took (and dropped outside) a glue gun from the back bench, and a crappy cheap kite I had in there.  They uncovered a welder, and had walked past another welder.  They took the bfs tool box – a very full three layer Halfords job (we kept it covered up while we wasn’t there, the cover was half thrown/placed at the back of the workshop).  And they took his pushbike (left mine) which was strapped to the main garage door – this is where Daisy was damaged. There was a brand new radiator in a box, which they left along with his trolley jack next to it, as well as other bits such as axel stands.

It was really quite bizarre.  Apart from the bits that were on the front of the tool box, pens, pencils, that sort of thing that had fallen off,  a scrap metal bin that had been knocked over and some boxes moved to get the pushbike out, the bin and Daisy uncovered, it was relatively tidy.  Even the stool that was randomly left in the middle of nowhere (the bf had used it to stand on just before we left  Friday evening), was where we left it – they would’ve had to walk around it.

It turns out that the trailer they had used to take the stuff away, was stolen from around the corner, and that a quad bike had gone too…..they found the quad bike down the road.

What had happened was, about two weeks ago, our immediate neighbour had been broken into.  Whoever had done it, had driven in via someone elses property, then across a field.  That time they took a couple of bits and stole an old caravan.  The owner of the site, thought it had been a revenge break in as our neighbour had fallen out with the guys who had the unit with him.  I’d said at the time that they had walked around Cherry (her shell was separate to the chassis at the time), trampled grass down.  They had obviously had a good look around, and decided that as Cherry was like that, that there was something worth taking from our unit.

What didn’t help, was that the doorstep had rotted away, and so had the bottom of the post next to the door (we knew it moved slightly), that’s how they managed to get in.  We’ve got two locks on the door, the bottom one hadn’t been damaged.  My plan on Sunday was to repair the door step…….

The tools can be replaced, but it’s the fact that someone entered without permission, that they stole items that the sentimental value far outweighs the monetary value.  The tin snips and hacksaw that were his dads, the socket set he was given by his parents for his 18th Birthday, the verniers that he had as an apprentice.  I suppose we should be relieved that the cars weren’t damaged, which we are, don’t get me wrong, but the emotional rollercoaster that goes with it is exhausting.

They won’t get in again so easily……Fort Knox eat your heart out!!!


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Daisy’s first show….

We went to a car show a couple of  weekends called Cars at the Lake….it is exactly what it says it is…..they say there are around 600 cars.

This was the much anticipated first proper showing off of Daisy to the rest of the guys in the Kit Car Club we belong to.

It was a long day, due to where we live and the location of the show and time of meeting, we had to leave home at about 7am…….not so impressed with that.

It was an uneventful journey there, we took the back roads, avoiding the A14 and A11, so it took a little longer.  We met up with the rest of the club at the local Tesco (it seams that a lot of other car clubs had the same idea!) Daisy was duly given the once over and approval from a couple of the club members.

The show is in a grass field with a lake in the middle of it.  Arriving, around 10am, we all happily lined up the cars for showing them off.  Again Daisy was admired…..

The interest in the kit cars was fantastic….how much of that was to do with the Ferrari kit within the club, I’m not sure.  When we were near Daisy, we allowed people adults and children to sit in her.  It wasn’t until we were about to leave someone asked to look under Daisy’s bonnet…….this prompted a few other bonnet removals for discussion!!

This was the show, where I got to see my first 67 plate car (the plates changed 1st Sept, the show was on the 3rd), it couldn’t have been anymore beautiful…..it was an Aston Martin Vantage…stunning….and three cars down was a 67 plate Bentley!

Thankfully during the show, it didn’t rain……it waited until the journey home….luckily it wasn’t too heavy!

It was a great day, and Daisy, bless her, behaved and wasn’t a complete cow!

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Marti Pellow…….

I went with M to see Marti Pellow at The Stables in Milton Keynes.

What a venue……..it’s beautifully intimate, the stage within touching distance from the front rows of seats.  Will definitely be visiting there again!

As for Marti….amazing as ever.  Just the right mix of some of his early solo stuff, his new stuff, Wet Wet Wet classics as well as a few others thrown in for good measure. An absolute please to see.  There was the chance to dance, well as the chance to just sit back and enjoy…….I’ve never heard ‘Both Sides Now’ sung so beautifully, it was also fantastic to hear ‘Lip Service’, my Wets favourite.  The stories behind why he chose the songs, just added to the experience, the song for his parents, the song that was part of his rehabilitation from the drink and drugs, and of course ‘Goodnight Girl’, the song said to be written for his girlfriend.

Thank you Marti, for a fantastic evening, for a concert that went far to quickly, as they always seem to do.

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Haircut time……

My niece is a hairdresser…..she has her own salon…..she’s a typical hairdresser, when out her hair looks amazing, when working, it’s usually up in a ponytail!

It’s great having a member of the family who’s amazing at their chosen career (not that I’m dissing any of the other members of my family who are all happy and successful with the directions that their careers have taken them)

Anyways…….when E started out, about 13 years ago, mine was the first hair she cut.  I still remember it now, she was so nervous, and shaking…….now is when I should point out that I have long naturally curly hair…..but she did an ok job.  Since then, I’ve never had my hair cut by anyone else. She used me as her model through college, and has turned into an amazing hairdresser.

Just before she got married 10 years ago, she became part owner of the salon where she worked, along side L who she co-owns with.  The previous owners wanted her and L to take it on, because they were so good.  The salon is still going well and is very popular.

For a few years haircut night was fish and chip night…….Me and my sis M used to get E and her family fish and chips as payment for her cutting her hair…..E never expects anything for doing it.  For a year or so this was every 6 to 8 weeks – I had shorter hair then.  Prior to that and now, I have my hair cut every 6-12 months, it just depends, last time was February this year – the only time I have had my hair done in the salon, the time before was July 2016.  Now I take chocolate with me.

This haircut, I arrived with the bf in tow, so he could have a hair cut too, and a big tubs of chocolate (the ones we usually have at Christmas) for each of the family…..labelled too, as E likes, sorry I mean loves chocolate, and if I hadn’t done, the kids and her hubby wouldn’t get to see much of it!  Her mission was to give me a haircut, that would survive the helmet I need for Daisy, and still keep my curls.  I was looking like Morticia Addams when I took my helmet off!  Anyways, she quite happily chopped away, and then decided that I needed a French plait…….the best way to avoid helmet hair she says…….  The best bit of all this was, she didn’t show me what she’d done, it wasn’t until the morning after, when I took the plait out that I found out!  As ever she did a great job, as for the helmet hair, we’ll find out on Sunday, we’re going to Daisys first show!

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Carfest South…..

Well what can I say, company amazing (the bf and sis M) music fantastic, tent great, toilets and showers interesting, the event…hmmmm…..

Let me explain what I’m used to when going to Goodwood Festival of Speed and the Formula 1 at Silverstone before I go any further…… Flushing toilets on campsite and in event and self contained showers available 24 hours a day, oh and parking my car next to my tent!

So…..let’s start with the not so great….(please note that everything I’m complaining about is probably the norm for a music festival, but I’ve only ever been to one music festival and that was for a day)

Cars…..The hauling everything from the car park to the campsite…..a couple of miles. Don’t like not having the security of a car to put stuff in, to keep safe….so for the first time ever in kindle…less, because I didn’t want to have to carry it around…..typical because I could happily use it right now while waiting to get  it the event. 

Toilets are all portaloos….campsite through to festival! Not pleasant at all.  I haven’t got an issue with them being unisex, just the face that people don’t like/ know how to use the cleaning handle! The other problem, they weren’t being emptied enough. They smelt worse than the compost heaps we were near. 

Showers are interesting! Only open a few hours in the morning, and a few hours in the afternoon/evening. They close at 9pm….. The shower ‘block’ is a marquee with showers (in something similar to a lorry container) either side. Anyway, you have to leave your outdoor shoes on a rack when you enter the marquee, then it’s male/ female segregated…just as well really! The first bit you go into you take off your clothes and wrap yourself in a towel (horrendous if you have issues and are very conscious of how your body looks) this I found uncomfortable. The showers didn’t have any where to put your towel, I was only just tall enough to hang it over the rail. The shower itself was lovely, but that was the only good thing. The queues were horrendous Sunday morning. There’s a lot to be said for the unisex individual ones available for 24 hours a day. 

The event was interesting! It was like a big country show with no horses(except those under the bonnets of cars!) There were a few car stands….such as Honda, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Westfield. An area showing off the cars using the track, but unlike Goodwood where you can touch the vehicles, this was look but don’t touch from a distance of 15metres or so behind a fence. Expensive fancy food……only one food stall selling bacon rolls on opening….there was a Gourmet Burger Kitchen stall, an Old El Passo stall, pizza, fish and chips, pies. The buffalo milk ice cream was to die for! ……nothing that really went with my SlimmingWorld thing I’m doing was available. Soooo……it’s been a fat food weekend! Drink was expensive, they did supply taps for drinking water, but I’m not a great fan of the taste. A food tent also. As well as a rural crafts tent, vintage area, fairground rides and steam engine show. The highlight for me was the Carnival Parade they did…..it reminded me of our local carnivals, Young Farmers included. 

The music on the main was great, loved the Kaiser Chiefs, Rick Astley, The  Jacksons, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Melanie C, The Lionel’s and Texas. There was certainly music for everyone. 

All in all a great weekend and an experience, but will we go again…..definitely not…that’s mutual from us all! 

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I’ve been poorly this week…… what I thought was a tooth infection has come out to be an ear infection.

The gum around my one remaining wisdom tooth had been very sore for a few days, then my ear started to feel painful, and the side of my face swollen. Over the weekend I was ok.

Monday arrived and I felt awful.  I was good, I attempted to go to work…because of  being away from the office for most of the week……I lasted an hour.  Tried to get an appointment with the dentist, but had to go on a waiting list for cancellations…..one came through for Wednesday 3.30pm.  So out came the lovely drugs paracetamol and ibuprofen to help.  Spent a lot of the day asleep!

Tuesday arrived, I was supposed to be on a course today, day 4 out of 5, I would never have survived the drive!  On theup side, my gum wasn’t sore today! Called the doctors this time, was given 20 minutes to get to an appointment with  them.  The doc was lovely, she talked me through everything, even gave words of caution about the ibuprofen, and how it can upset your stomach – which although I knew this, had never been told by a medical professional, and I was told to go back if they didn’t work or it got worse, but to keep my dentist appointment, so he could have a good poke around and see if there is any problems.  I’m now the owner of antibiotics and ear drops, to be taken/used 3 times a day for 7 days.

Wednesday has arrived, I’m feeling better today, it may bee the antibiotics, but more so the drugs me thinks!!  Had to go into work, as I’m on holiday the rest of the week, and I had a deadline to meet.  Dentist this afternoon……..He was lovely! Luckily I got to see my regular dentist, he’s said that he would’ve given me antibiotics for my tooth problem, but didn’t think that it was related to my ear infection. He said it looked a little inflamed around the tooth. Apparently mouthwash I’m using is the best thing to do otherwise.

48 hours for the antibiotics to kick in properly he said!