EveryDay stuff

It’s been busy……

I can’t believe where time has gone these last few months.  Both work and play have been busy, a case of not being sure where to turn.


Work has calmed down for now….just as well I’m on holiday next week, off to Goodwood Festival of Speed for the weekend.  It really has been manic.  I had my appraisal back in the second week of May, I’ve now only just got around to filling the forms in.  The issue with work at the moment is that we have a new contract starting at the beginning of July, and for some reason, it seemed really really important to get most of our schemes done before it starts, don’t know why as we’re still with the same contractors, but…..  Anyway, where I was planning on spacing all my schemes over the financial year, almost two thirds of them had to be completed between April and the end of June……not helpful at all, especially with an interfering boss!


Play has been good…..

The bfs Kit Car is now officially roadworthy, I am so so proud of him.  The IVA (Individual Vehicle Assessment) went so well….all he needed was cable tie around some loose wires, a 50mm length of insulating tape over the ends of some bare wires (he hadn’t quite covered the properly) and a 19mm socket to adjust the headlights.  Even the testers said that it us very unusual for a kit car to pass this text first time.  Now its time to deal with the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) to register the beast, fingers crossed she’ll be road legal by mid July.

I changed my car…..I now have my Rosie……
I’ve been to the cinema a couple of times, in the nice new local shiny cinema. Wonder Woman, was ok, not sure of it. The latest Pirates of the Caribbean….awesome, better than the last couple.  The new Transformers tonight.

Stickers, stickers and more stickers……..

And we’ve been attempting the gym…..I need to, to help with the short walk I’m doing next May.

Oh and we had a General Election……that was a busy one.  My polling station had over 75% turn out!

It’s all go…… I’m so looking forward to next week, not that it looks like playtime is slowing down…….

EveryDay stuff

It was my birthday yesterday…..

I’m telling everyone that I turned 1……I don’t go into double figures, all numbers get added together until I get a single number, so I never get older than 9.  I used to say the length of time I’ve had my driving licence was my age, but I’m not sure I like that figure so much now, but don’t tell one of the nieces, she was born a month before I passed my driving test!

I was totally spoilt….a beautiful bag from my sis; jewellery from my parents; iPod for Rosie (my Land Rover) and some walking sandals from the bf; a few bits from the bf’s parents, including the Bat Out of Hell tickets (his mum won them, and gave them to us) amongst other bits and pieces……  Also lots of lovely messages through social media.

Work was ok……could’ve been worse, I achieved a lot during the day.

London was lovely, very vibrant and saying ‘up yours’ to those wanting to cause trouble – Bat Out of Hell was fantastic.

All in all a great day….a long one, but great……

EveryDay stuff

I got a Rosie…..

Rosie is my new vehicle, she’s a pretty metallic red Land Rover Freelander 2.  So let the adventures begin……

Before Rosie was Olive a lovely little red VW Polo.  She did what I needed her to do, but my job involves going down some nasty pot holey/rutted roads, and she is far too good for that, and deserves a better life, and she was a little small for my needs.  When I got her, I was still in a mainly office based jobs using decent roads, and she was perfect for my needs, then I changed jobs.

Before Olive was Matilda, a gorgeous aluminium coloured VW Golf MK5 GT TDi Sport.  I loved Matilda, and still really miss her, even though it’s been 2 years since I had to say bye bye to her…that was hard.  But bless her, she had a drink problem, it wasn’t so bad to start with…..I figured that if topping up the coolant every few months or so, was all that she needed then I could handle that.  The problem came to light following a fuelling issue, her fuel tank got a fungus growing in it (diesel thing apparently), she died on me (and the bf) a few times, over a short period.  We sorted that little problem, new fuel filter, took her fuel tank off and cleaned it out…….that’s when the drink problem started, everyday I had to top up her coolant. With the drink problem and the need of a new clutch and flywheel, I decided that it was time for her to go.  I still believe today that it was her way of telling that she’d done her bit for me, she was ready to move on (I always said it was her choice to move on, not mine).

Before Matilda was Sparkles an amazing metallic dark blue Peugeot 307.  She was so amazing, she kept me alive, when an idiot in a lorry decided that he would kill her off.  It was a beautiful sunny July morning, single carriageway road, staggered crossroads, right hand turning facility in the middle of the road.  The lorry drivers plan was to go across the main road using the right turn facility.  Instead of stopping to allow me through on the main road, he just kept rolling.  Driver side to driver side impact.  Because Sparkles was so awesome, me and my sis walked away, with bruising and whiplash, unfortunately, she was written off.

EveryDay stuff

Bat Out of Hell the musical

Even if you’re not a fan of Meat Loaf, the show is well worth a visit.

I love Meat Loafs ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ album, when CD’s came out I happily replaced my worn out tape.  It turns out that it was the first CD that the bf ever owned, and that he is a Meat Loaf fan.

The bonus of this was it was in The London Coliseum….what a stunning building.  I’ve always wanted to go in there, have walked past it may times, and I love the globe on the roof, so this was a special treat!  What a birthday pressie!

London Moonwalk

Early discussions have taken place……

I’m signed up as part of my Nieces team for the walk…..I call her Grumpy…. One of my sisters M has signed up too, just waiting to hear from my friend P is she’s joining us.

Grumpy took part in this years Moonwalk (2017), along with her friend and a young girl who works for her.  All Grumpy  wanted to do was finish in under 8hours.  Unfortunately although, Grumps and her friend trained properly, the young girl didn’t, from what I understand, the furthest she walked had been about 2 miles with Grumpy during lunch breaks….anyway, being the awesome twosome Grumpy and her friend are, they didn’t leave the young girl behind, they stayed with her (she was struggling after 13 miles) and helped her to finish, so the 8 hour target was well and truly missed.

Anyways……the deal I have with Grumpy and her friend is that, they are free to leave us (me) if they find I’m not fast enough for them, there’s no way I’m going to ruin it for her.  When I said this to her, she said that’s why she let me into her team, because she knew that she wouldn’t have to wait for us.

It turns out that the Sis-in-Law is down for doing this too…..

Training for me has yet to start properly – I’ve got problems with my feet/heels (unless I’m in 2/3inch heels), when I do a lot of walking, I often struggle to walk even if we’ve only sat down for a quick drink, so it’s a trip to the docs to see what the best way forward. The gym and beautiful scenery around where I live are waiting…….

I’m excited to be doing this……..