Slimming World

Week 26…..

Wow…..6 months into this weight loss journey……clothes that I put to one side as they were too small are beginning to fit again…..this week I managed to managed to lose 1lb, so back where I was before Christmas…..I’ll take that.

If I carry on like I have, then by my one year anniversay of this journey, I will be more or less at the target that has been set…….But with the walking that is planneed, that target should arrive quicker…….

Saturday: Overnight oats with blueberries for breakfast. Some fruit. Then it all went wrong!!! For lunch sausage roll. Dinner was the fine dining of McDonald’s….really didn’t fancy salad, so had grilled chicken wrap with chips. Also had a few left over Christmas chocolate sweets. Too many syns today!

Sunday: Kippers with bread for breakfast. Some fruit. Roast beef and veg for dinner with a mincemeat pie for dessert. Around the 15syn mark today.

Monday: Yogurt with melon and grapes for breakfast. A lot of fruit. Heinz beef ravioli for lunch with yogurt and blueberries. For dinner we had a bolognaise type meal with potatoes in it and cheese topping. Around 6syns today.

Tuesday: Yogurt with melon and grapes for breakfast. A lot of fruit. Dark chocolate digestive thins. Scrambled eggs with baked beans for lunch. For dinner I had beef stew. A trebor softmint. Around 5syns today.

Wednesday: Overnight oats in yogurt with blueberries for breakfast. The inevitable fruit. Heinz beef ravioli for lunch. Sausages (slimmers ones) egg chip and beans, oh and an onion ring for dinner. About 8syns today.

Thursday: Overnight oats in yogurt with blueberries for breakfast. Buckets of fruit. Heinz Spaghetti Bolognese for lunch and Kiwi and Pineapple Muller Light yogurt. A Sausage (slimmers one). Back fine dining again tonight (it’s a school night) feeling really tired after the windy weather kept me awake last night, so had cool mayo chicken burger with chips and cheese bites for dinner. Top many syns today.

Friday: Overnight oats in yogurt with blueberries for breakfast. Oooodles of fruit. Sainsbury’s Beef Lasagne with Salad for lunch. More fine dining this evening (it’s cinema night) it’s definitely going to be Grilled Chicken and bacon salad with Balsamic dressing for dinner. Around 20syns today.

I really am hoping for a loss this week, hopefully the amount of syns this week hasn’t gone over the total of 105 over the week….I have tried to be good.

London Moonwalk

Walkies start properly on Monday……

So……I’m going to treat you to my weekly training diary for the London Moonwalk (You lucky lucky (or not)people)…..

On a more serious note, as with my Slimmingworld updates, this is to help keep me motivated and on track, and hopefully some of it will be interesting to you. What happens after 12th May to all of this….who knows…..I have a couple of weekends in July that will involve miles of walking, but after that I hope to keep at least the shorter walks that will be done after work going as well as the gym, and maybe during the better weather some of the slightly longer ones, it will help keep the weight off and hopefully I’ll feel better for it too.

I live out in the sticks (very rural) so plenty of places to take long walks, and there will no doubt be lots of pictures of what i find interesting on the routes I take.

Soooooo, my plan is:

Monday: An hour or so walk after work. Or when the mornings get lighter, drive into work and walk home.

Tuesday: An hour or so walk after work, or walk into work and drive home and an hour or so on the cross-trainer or treadmill at the gym.

Wednesday: An hour or so walk after work

Thursday: A rest day……I go to an evening class straight from work during school term time.

Friday: I only work every other Friday, so we have Week A – my day off, Week B – work day.

Week A:  A couple of hours walk to local city for my nail appointment, then a couple of hours walk home.

WeekB: A rest day/couple of miles saunter to the bf’s workshop.

Saturday: A couple of hours walk to Slimmingworld class in the morning, then to a friends house a mile or so away after, but this may change depending on Friday evening/Weekend plans.

Sunday: Not planning anything, just take it as it comes……

I also plan to take a couple of days off of work to do some proper long 20+ mile walks between April and 12th May.

There will also be some walking for work……instead of driving along roads assessing  them (which is acceptable as I video the lengths too), I might get out and walk them with dashcam in hand instead of car window!

London Moonwalk

Whoop… stuff……

Just before Christmas I ordered a kit box from the Walk the Walk shop……..

After a few problems (My Hermes losing my original order) my kit arrived at the weekend……

Beautifully wrapped in pink tissue paper was the lovely pink fleece (perfect fit considering I wasn’t sure what size to get) and pink bobble hat.  There are a lovely pair of elbow length gloves (only just fit my arms), a couple of sets of reflective snappy arm/leg things. A (very) roomy bumbag with zips and pockets for essentials, and a bottle holder that straps onto the bumbag.  And a very pretty card.

Soooo……I really have no excuses of not getting out there and pounding the tarmac….apart from the lousy cold/bug thing I can’t see to shift, which will not stop me.

Monday I will be starting this thing properly………


Slimming World

Week 25……..

A maintain this week….I’ll take that, thank you very much!!!!

Saturday: Weetabix for breakfast. Some fruit. Ham and boiled egg salad for lunch. Old El Paso BBQ stand and stuff. Around 15syns.

Sunday: Fried breakfast bacon, sausages(syn Free butchers ones), eggs, baked beans tomatoes and hash browns. Some fruit. Roast lamb with potato veg and Yorkshire pudding and rice pudding. Around 15syns today.

Monday: Yogurt with melon and grapes for breakfast. Lots and lots of fruit. Lunch was a chicken salad and yogurt with banana. For dinner Pork slices with roast potatoes and veg. Around 10 syns.

Tuesday: Weetabix for breakfast. Plenty of fruit. Tomato pasta with sweetcorn and chicken for lunch. Vegetable and beef soup for dinner. A soft mint! Around 4syns today.

Wednesday: Yogurt with melon and grapes for breakfast. Fruit lots of it! SlimmingWorld chicken and chorizo paella and yogurt for lunch. Spaghetti bolognaise with Dolmio sauce and cheese and garlic bread for dinner. Around 15syns.

Thursday: Weetabix for breakfast. Lots and lots of fruit. Tomato pasta with chicken and sweetcorn and yogurt with blueberries for lunch. A little naughty for dinner McDonald’s cheese melts and grilled chicken and bacon with balsamic dressing. Around 15syns

Friday: Overnight oats with blueberries for breakfast. (Just found out that blueberries are a speed food😃😃😃) Boiled eggs with spinach. Some fruit. Scrambled eggs with a little bit of cheese and milk and ketchup. Fish and chips for dinner. A chocolate profiterole type thing. Around 15syns today.

Still not feeling great, have been on the Beecham cold and flu pills all week.

Fingers crossed for a loss this week, have been reasonably good and not over synned , so shouldn’t have put anything on.

Slimming World

Week 24……

Wow only put on 1/2lb…..really didn’t expect that after last week. Will start eating properly

to lose the weight on Tuesday when I’m back at work after New Year.

Saturday: Scrambled egg on toast for brunch. Mince pies. Chocolate. Some fruit. Chinese for dinner.

New Years Eve: Chinese for brunch. Some fruit. A few jelly babies, jelly beans and liquorice alsorts Roast beef and mince pie for dinner. Lots of Malibu with diet Lemonade (that makes it slimming, doesn’t it??) salted peanuts and after eight mint chocolate.

New Years Day: Boiled eggs with soldiers. Mint Chocolate cookies. Mince pies. Some fruit. After eight mint chocolate. Cold beef with jacket potato and cheese and beans with branston pickle and pickled cabbage.

So……start this diet thing again tomorrow (Tuesday) properly, I’ll be back at work, so it will be soooo much was …….also need to start the walking, but I’ll wait until this cold has gone before I start that!

Tuesday: Yogurt with melon for breakfast. A lot of fruit. (It’s so good to be back eating all of this). Scrambled eggs with baked beans and yogurt with blueberries for lunch. Stew for dinner. Around 3syns today.

Wednesday: Yogurt with melon and grapes for breakfast. Lots and lots of fruit. Heinz beef ravioli for lunch. Chicken and chorizo pasta and garlic bread for dinner. Was naughty had some chocolate too. Around 25syns today.

Thursday: Yogurt with blueberries for breakfast. Lots and lots of fruit. Chicken and chorizo pasta for lunch. Fish and chips and peas for dinner. Around 12syns today.

Friday: Yogurt with melon grapes and mango for breakfast. Lots of fruit. For lunch Scrambled eggs and baked beans. For dinner fish chips and mushy peas. A cheese biscuit and a little bit of cheese. Around 10syns today.

Fingers crossed for a loss this week (I’ll take a maintain) after the Christmas/New Year shenanigans of not caring what I ate (I didn’t feel better for eating the rubbish, but I did enjoy it at the time) I want to be slimmer, so I’ll keep that sort of eating for special occasions and maybe weekends!

EveryDay stuff

New Year approaching…..

Christmas was lovely (apart from a cold thing).

Totally spoilt with lots of lovely gifts. Straps for my Fitbit Alta, earrings, phone case, money, perfume, sweets, scarf, books and the news that a new great niece or nephew is due next year!

Too much of the wrong food (1/2lb on not too bad at all!), can’t turn down a mince pie… is easier when at work!

Now the New Year to look forward to…..

I’m already 2 stone lighter, I have another 2.5 stone to go.

My Personal Shopper course.

Fast and Furious car show in January.

The London Moonwalk in May.

Maybe the World Rallycross British leg at Silverstone.

The Formula 1 British Grand Prix at Silverstone in July.

Goodwood Festival of Speed in July.

Various kit car shows and meetings.

Trip to Portsmouth Docks.

Concerts: Paul Young and AHA.

That’s all I know of at the moment……

Personal Stylist

Elves done…….

….now to get my head down and start this course properly. It’s only been 10 months since I signed up….not long really….😳

I’ve got no excuses now…..the next batch of elves can wait until autumn 2018 (I had a lot of requests from family…..) only made 15 this time, I have at least 8 more to make for Christmas 2018.

I have my nice shiny iPad Pro with dooody pencil……soo…….