What is it with people?

I kind of hoped that after the horrific attack on Westminster Bridge a few months ago, was a one off. But now with Manchester and London again, I wonder how many more times the UK will be hit. 

I really feel for Ariana Grande, I can’t even begin to imagine how she feels after her Manchester concert. I hope that the guilt she so obviously feels, because those that died and were injured, were there because of her, doesn’t hold her back.  The One Love Manchester concert she pulled together on Sunday was truly amazing. 


Week 3…..

We’ll last week wasn’t so good, only 1lb lost, better than a gain thought!!

Saturday: The usual morning oats today. Was naughty had kebab for lunch. Dinner was fish & chip shop mushy peas, with cod and haddock (both with batter removed so free food). A little fruit today. So kept the syns down…ish….17.5 syns today. 

Sunday: Today will be interesting….I’m off to the World Championship Athletics in London today…..hopefully I’ll be able to keep the syns in check!!! 

Slimming World

Week 4…….

Wow, didn’t expect this  after last weekend!  2.5lb off, got my half stone shiny sticker, and slimmer of the week!  Shocked isn’t the word!!  Fingers crossed for this week.

Saturday: Morning oats with loads of mango and melon for breakfast.  Fruit for lunch.  Fish (no batter )and chips with mushy peas for dinner.  14 syns for the chips!

Sunday: Breakfast cheesy scrambled eggs – cheese Healthy Extra A – on toast – Healthy Extra B.  Lunch was McDonalds grilled chicken and bacon salad with balsamic dressing (3 syns) A few bits of fruit today. Dinner was roast chicken and the trimmings.  I’ve also discovered that I actually quite like diet fuzzy drinks too…..which is a bonus…I get bored of water when I’m out! 20.5 syns today. 

Monday: Breakfast was Weetabix (Tesco version) – Weetabix Healthy Extra B, Milk Healthy extra A.  Loads of fruit today.  Chicken salad for lunch with a very nice Mullerlight After Dinner Mint yogurt. Had a Curly Wurly today – 6 syns, didn’t enjoy it. 😦  Dinner was homemade cottage pie….. 14 syns today.

Tuesday: Weetabix for breakfast – tried it with a little hot water to soak in first , then used my Healthy Extra milk allowance for the rest.  Lunch was a Ham salad with rice (supplied by the training place I was at) Dinner was Pork Chop with veg.  6 syns today.

Wednesday: Still on the Weetabix for breakfast.  Someone put sugar in my tea….it was ok, but, I’ve got used to no sugar. Loads of fruit. Lunch was a Slimming World Aromatic Chicken Noodles, was ok, noodles a bit stodgy, veg was a bit watery….won’t be having that again! Had nice 45 minute walk at lunchtime with a colleague. Dinner was BBQ – Syn free sasuages from the local butcher (always put a syn down for each of them, as can’t be sure they are completely syn free, and chicken (no skin). 3 syns today.   Grumpy MIL today, she’s only lost 0.5lb this week.

Thursday: Weetabix again for Breakfast. Lots of fruit. Sausage salad for lunch – left over sausages from last night. Had a big craving for chocolate…..3 syns later, a Snack a Jacks Choc Chip Rice Cake solved that!  Dinner was lasagne – unfortunately it wasn’t home made….18 syns for a portion!!! Lots of speed food today, no normal free foods though!  24.5 syns today…..better be extra good tomorrow!

Friday: Weetabix again for breakfast.  Loads of Fruit today again.  Sausage salad for lunch again (the last of the left over BBQ sausages from Wednesday). Dinner was Speedy chicken jambalaya with waffles, banana and toffee yogurt for dessert. 7.5 syns today. 

Not expecting to lose much this week, have eaten ok, but not fantastically well, and have used most of my syns…..which I usually try not to do. Bring on the weigh in…….

EveryDay stuff


Now I’ve been an athletics fan for years, have been to many many events with my sister M and various nieces…..the bf has no interest.

Me and M have been to Manchester 2002 and Glasgow 2014 for the Commonwealth Games and Helsinki 2005 for the World Championships.  As well as many years going to the AAA’s and Crystal Palace, London. Oh the memories…. Manchester and the rain – a kip curled up under rain ponchos between sessions.  Glasgow – listening to Wet Wet Wet live whilst cheering on our guys on the track….the guy sitting next to me had been warned of awful singing, but said at the end of the gig how impressed he was that I was singing away and still knew what was happening on track.  Helsinki – falling in love with the place, walking into the stadium chatting to Lord Coe about football (I had my Norwich shirt on that day) and congratulating him on winning the bid for the London 2012 Olympics, and the rain….boy did it rain….

The 3 major events we’ve been too, we’ve gone for the whole 10 days of the events, going to every session.  Unfortunately, the idea of doing that for the London 2017 world Championships died on finding out ticket prices, a bit like the London Olympics.  For some reason going to London puts the prices up sky high. It cost for tickets, accommodation and travel about £800 to do Manchester, £1200 for Helsinki and £1500 for Glasgow.  London was at least £2000 for all of that.  And on top of that for those we wouldn’t have needed to apply for tickets, even if they hadn’t been part of the package deal.

Anyway….we applied for tickets so we could see certain events….the Women’s Javelin (Goldie Sayers hadn’t retired at that point) and the Heptathlon (didn’t know that Louise Hazel…a local girl….wouldn’t be competing either). Personally I would rather watch heats, than get to see a final and wonder what had happened to our boys…..  We will cheer anyone from Team GB on, no matter what the discipline, occasionally we will cheer on others such as Sally Pearson the 100m hurdler, because we’ve seen them come through over the years. Happily we got what we applied for, but minus Goldie and Louise….but we cheered on plenty of other brits.

As ever with these events the guys on the track make it what it is, and should be proud of their achievements.

Not so impressed with some of the crowd though.  I’m very anti drugs, even more so when it means that those that are clean lose out.  At Glasgow, I felt I had to cheer on Dwain Chambers, but I still haven’t forgiven him for what he did to Darren Campbell, Christian Malcolm, Marlon Devonish and Mark Lewis-Francis, where they had to hand back their 2002 European relay gold and 2003 World relay silver because of him.  Justin Gatlin was the main object of the booing, however not to stand for a National Anthem because of him, is downright rude.  The amazing bit was there were many athletes there who had served drugs bans, but because they wasn’t as well know, they were cheered on regardless…..the ex-athletes went mad on Twitter those few days, and rightly so……

The one person who stole the show was Hero the Hedgehog…..he was awesome and brilliant entertainment.

It was a great day out, gutted we couldn’t do more, but that’s the joys of major events in London, but saying that it never used to be that difficult to get tickets to Crystal Palace…….

EveryDay stuff

Daisy is being a cow!!!!

We had that fantastic run out to Sunny Hunny (Hunstanton) in Daisy, now she’s decided to live up to her name again and become a complete cow!

Friday was a nice evening, we though we’d go for a little run…..as we were off to the Kit Car meeting on Sunday. We stopped her engine….she then wouldn’t start again! After lots of naughty words from the bf, Saturday morning he went off to get a second had alternator from the local scrapyard.  A so Saturday afternoon was spent trying to work out what was wrong.  After even more naughty words from the bf and help from a couple of friends it was decided that a brand new sparking alternator was a good idea….so….no Daisy at the Kit Car meet….and it was the perfect day to go out and play with her, blue sky, a few clouds and glorious sunshine……

My logic (it can be quite random at times) is that; I’ve always said that the aim is to get her to a specific car show at the beginning of September.  I think she’s determined, that that show is when she’s first going to be shown off to the other members of the Kit Car Club, because that’s what I’ve always said.

The bf (he’s as nuts as me!)said it was because she knew there was going to be a couple of new cars (nice they were too) at the meeting, and she wouldn’t have been centre of attention!

Who is right is anyone’s guess, but she better behave once the new alternator is on her, we’ve now committed to that show and to a road run with the club a couple of weeks after…..