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The return of Queen Bee……

So the last 12 months in my office base (my job requires me to work out of other offices within the county as my work is countywide), have been quite nice…….within 2 hours, I am so ready to escape…….

12 months ago, a girl (I called Queen Bee)in the office went on maternity leave, I was so so happy at that point, not that she was having a baby (I don’t care too much for her), but that the bitchyness should subside…..it did eventually!

So Queen Bee seems to rule the roost at my depot, she has her legion of little followers that do actually seem to follow her everywhere.  Now I’ve worked from this office for many years – 15 or so, it used to be one day a week, because it was closer to home that my actual base at the time, this was until I changed jobs just 2.5 years ago, she has only been at this office around 5 years, but those last few years apart from the last one haven’t been so pleasant.

Let me set the scene…… 

She usually waltzes in at around 8am, you can hear her clonking down the corridor.  Says a very bright ‘Hello J’ to the depot manager, and promptly ignores everyone else, until her minions start to arrive.  Once they start appearing the noise level escalates big time, one particular person, is unbelievably load.

Now I have a little office (my cupboard) with two desks in just off of the main office, it’s always obvious that I am in because I put a blind up and the light is on, and often as I get in so early the radio is on, a few months after changing jobs I had the door put back on the cupboard (not sure why it had been removed in the first place), because of the noise level….I said it was so we had another meeting room at the time!  Up until 12 months ago, I regularly closed it.

The bitchyness was awful, they were so horrible to another lady ‘L’ in the office, someone who will do anything for anyone, who has the ultimate heart of gold, because they are obviously so superior to her, as she is the contractors admin person.  Their ‘little clic’ wasn’t plesant to be on the outside of it.  They used to forget I was in……  If anyone was leaving they didn’t bother to tell me when they knew it was someone, I knew, but when it was one of them, I had cards and leaving envelopes waved under my nose.

Once she had gone on maternity leave, the minions started to drift away and work elsewhere……..occasionally they would turn up, and be really nice…..they aren’t so much when she’s about.  It was great!

Today is Queen Bees first day back….

She waltzed in as predicted.  Did the ‘Hello J’ thing, ignored me and another couple of guys in the office.  Then the minions started to arrive……and the noise level has risen!  Now we (a few of us who spend a lot of time here) were hoping that she would be spending her time at a different location, as theres been a nice new chair ordered for her, but no, she’s turned up here…..the joys!

Maybe I am being synical and bitchy myself, but……..

I was the one who always used to go on the nights out…..it used to be any excuse and I was there, but due to these lovely people……especially her……I stopped.

I am so glad I’m not in my cupboard much the next couple of weeks……………

I do feel sorry for J & L though!!!!

EveryDay stuff

The big clothes clear out…..

So when I moved in with the bf, all my clothes were dumped in dustbin bags and abandoned in the spare room…..

I’ve now started going through them! What a nightmare!

Some are easy to get rid of….they’re too big! So it’s to my mum, M and the mil to see if they want anything, then it’s off to the charity shop with them!

Some I can’t part with as I’ve been given them by my mum and sister! Same goes for all my football, rugby, ballgowns and concert t-shirts….they’re being put in vacuum bags under the bed.

Hopefully next month I get a wardrobe and cupboards for them all. I am so looking forward to having everything in its place.

Slimming World

Week 43……

So I lost 4.5lb this week…I’m happy with that, after last weeks 3lb gain.

Food will be all over the place for the weekend due to the Moonwalk, so proper eating will be out again!

Saturday: Weetabix for breakfast. Some fruit. Omelette with cheese, tomato, mushroom and bacon with ketchup for lunch. That was all I did right, apart from a few bits of fruit until Monday!

Monday: Weetabix for breakfast.  Fruit. Tuna and sweetcorn mayo and salad for lunch. Cottage pie type thing with pork mince for dinner.  A couple fo HiFi bars. A rock bun! Very little water today! Too many syns (the rock bun!)

Tuesday: Weetabix with fruit for breakfast.  Some fruit.  Lunch was last nights left overs. For dinner SlimmingWorld Speedy Chicken and vegetable rice. And a Tesco Chocolate covered ice cream. Around 15syns.

Wednesday: Overnight oats with yogurt and fruit for breakfast. Lots of fruit. For lunch I had cheese and ham toastie. For dinner pasta bolognese.

Thursday: Overnight oats with yogurt and fruit for breakfast. Lunch was salmon sandwiches with snaps crisps and 2 HiFi bars. Fruit. For dinner tomato and bacon omelette.

Friday: Overnight oats with fruit. Some fruit. Sausage rolls (Pinch of Nom recipe, made with Weight Watchers wraps) for lunch. For dinner very naughty and was fine dining at McDonald’s with a grilled chicken and garlic mayo wrap with chips?

I hope I’ve lost something this week, but we will see…..long walks usually mean I gain, the dodgy eating wouldn’t have helped either!!!

London Moonwalk

Walkies……The big event……

Well that was horrible, I didn’t enjoy it at all.

I was physically prepared, did the 19 miles and a few 6-10 miles as well as the smaller 2-5 milers.

But I wasn’t mentally prepared!

One thing I learnt from the whole process is that, if you’re not mentally prepared for it, then it will be tough….really really tough.

The sleep deprevation is something else…..30hrs of no sleep…….

Up until we knew we had our new home I was mentally prepared, I would have easily walked it all, I was in the right place both mentally and physically. Unfortunately over the last couple of weeks I drifted away from the walk and moved my energies to our home. Friday before the big day arrived very quickly, and I really didn’t know if I was coming or going that evening. Luckily M was taking part too and helped me put together what I needed.

Saturday morning at SlimmingWorld was great, I knew I wasn’t mentally prepared, but knew I had to go ahead with it. The afternoon arrived and on my way to meet the others E, T, S & M, I could quite happily have gone right round one of the roundabouts and back home, I really didn’t want to go.

They put in a great event, a bit too much to my thinking before the race, and support from bands, fire eaters side shows for the first few miles, but not when they were needed most, the last few miles. The volunteers were amazing and supportive, but there is only so much they could do. The walkers weren’t so friendly once they started either!

I think there are things they could do better…… The side shows and encouragement throughout, not just relying on those awesome volunteers. The tent was too flash, a simple marquee would have done, with bits and pieces around, and people on stage. The warm up was far too long, it wasn’t until the 3rd out of 6 wave of walkers had gone and they said only those in the next wave should do it. Bag storage area, sit the bags on something, not straight on the grass.  At the end there was nothing but a medal, and an offer of water.

The other thing I struggled with was that roads remained open for all traffic on the route, it wasn’t pleasant, especially when walkers got caught up in bottlenecks of narrow footways. To my mind the entry fee should be paying for road/lane closures for walkers to use, rather than the expensive marquee and entertainment, the bras that 70% are ill fitting (Wonderbra don’t go up to my cup size!).

I hit the wall at around 10miles, about 3/3.30am, had a blister appear which burst at around the 16/17mile mark.  At the 10mile mark, T was struggling too, we kept each other going for the rets of the walk. Due to having to wait at junctions for traffic, after telling M, E & S to leave us and get what time they wanted, we got split up, only to catch up with them about a mile later due to them on a blister plaster stop.  Lost M & E at another junction, but continued with T & S.

M & E finished in around 8 hours, Me, T & S was around 9 hours.

But according to Strava, I did it in about 8hrs 57hrs , 27.4 miles an average of 3.1miles per hour.  We were walking from Midnight through to 10.30am.  I paused the app at toilet and rest stops…..

70468steps 29.38miles on Sunday!

It’s all down to experience……one I will never repeat!

Slimming World

Week 42……

So after last weeks rubbish eating I put on 3lb, completely expected!!

Saturday: Bacon & egg sandwich for breakfast. Some fruit. Crisp sandwich for lunch. Dolmio Spag Bol for dinner with garlic bread.

Sunday: McDonald’s double sausage and egg muffin and 2 hash browns for breakfast. Cheese burger for lunch. Pepperoni pizza and garlic cheese dough balls for dinner. Some fruit.

Monday: Bacon egg and hash browns sandwich for brunch. Some fruit. Back on it with spag Carbonara and fruit salad with fromage frais for dinner.

Tuesday: Overnight oats with yogurt and fruit for breakfast. Some fruit. Tuna and sweetcorn salad for lunch. SlimmingWorld Chicken Kiev and chips with baked beans and SlimmingWorld fluffy chocolate mousse. Around 12syns

Wednesday: Overnight oats with yogurt and fruit for breakfast. Fruit. Tuna and sweetcorn salad for lunch. SlimmingWorld baked chicken risotto and SlimmingWorld fluffy chocolate mousse for dinner. Around 7syns today.

Thursday: Weetabix for breakfast. Fruit glorious fruit. Heinz Beef ravioli for lunch. An Alpen Strawberry and yogurt cereal bar. Dinner was fine dining at McDonald’s grilled chicken and bacon salad with balsamic dressing. 12syns today.

Friday: Weetabix for breakfast. Fruit. Mushroom, tomato and bacon omelette for lunch with ketchup. Spaghetti bol with a piece of garlic bread for dinner. About 10syns.

I hope I’ve at least maintained this week. Apart from the weekend, I’ve been good!

London Moonwalk

Walkies……final week before the big event……

I was so hoping that this would be a much better week for me, but the move has completely got in the way. I really haven’t had the chance to go out and get any real miles in!

Friday: Meltdown mode. Cannot find anything I need for the walk.

Saturday: So today is the big day. SlimmingWorld this morning, then it’s off to London, catching a train around 3/4pm for the big event……..

I’ll happily admit that I’m now scared!!

EveryDay stuff

Scary exciting……

Scary exciting is such a weird feeling……

Tuesday: Afternoon; Message from the bf saying that a bungalow was up for rent and not expensive! Evening: a little drive to have a quick look, but it’s dark! Email asking about kitchen as there is no worktops/cupboards showing in pictures.

Wednesday: After work have a look through the windows of bungalow, both of us like it. No real kitchen, but that’s workable with. Email asking for a viewing on Friday.

Thursday: Panic about what we’re looking at doing. Both of us still at home, have never needed to leave.

Friday: View bungalow, fall in love with it! Contact letting agents saying would like it, as soon as we got back to the bf (about 10mins after leaving the property. They said would send us paperwork for application after speaking to landlords. Tell parents (was quite scared telling mine!) My parents offered to buy us a washing machine if it goes through, the bfs parents offered to buy us a cooker. Bungalow is a blank canvas, with no real kitchen either.

Saturday: Still waiting to hear from letting agents.

Sunday: Letting agents closed.

Monday: Phoned letting agents around 9.10am (Thought I’d be nice and give the 10 mins to settle in for the week).  Apparently another couple have been and looked at the property, and they are first choice.  I said that we needed to know so we could start looking for something else, but the letting agent lady implied that we still had a chance, especially if she hadn’t heard back from the couple by the end of today……she knew who I was with out telling her, so fingers crossed….

Tuesday: Called letting agents….again! Had to get them to call back as they were busy. The girl I spoke to this time didn’t know that I hadn’t had an application form. She sent one through straight away, with was duly filled in and sent back this evening.

Wednesday: Received email saying that she’d got our application, but to let us know that they’d received one form another couple. An angry me fired off a polite email saying I was disappointed that we had been put in this situation as I’d phoned them immediately after viewing and again on Monday to chase, but didn’t get an application form until yesterday. About an hour later, received an email saying that the property is ours subject to the relevant checks…… Joint account set up this evening. BF getting very stressed and snappy about it all…..understandably!

Thursday: My turn to stress today. Had an email from the reference company saying they couldn’t get hold of my employer…not too helpful as I was at a conference thing….got it sorted though! I have a boss who’s amazing when it comes to sorting personal stuff quickly, but not so much with work stuff!!!

Not enjoying this waiting…….

Friday: The bfs references went back today….. Got a call about broadband etc, so figure they’re happy with references. Unfortunately the lady at the letting agents who’s dealing with this only works Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm, so we guess we won’t hear anything until Monday now.

Saturday: Looks like they are definitely happy with the bfs references, he’s had the broadband message! We’ve been looking at bits and pieces online such as fridge freezer and sofa. My m&d have all the bits stored from when they cleared my grandparents properties on both sides, so today’s mission is see what’s there, what we can use……

We found a few bits and pieces we want. Coffee table, Pyrex dishes and a cheat of draws.

Sunday: Nothing house related today.

Monday: Lady dealing with us at the letting agency isn’t in, but it sounds like we have it.

Tuesday: Nothing from letting agency. Started sorting my stuff…..

Wednesday: AM: Called letting agency, lady was off yesterday too. We’ve definitely got it she’s going to draw up the paperwork and send it through for us to look at. PM: Paperwork has arrived. Pick up keys on Tuesday. Fridge freezer ordered. Broadband and telephone sorted. TV licence sorted. Let rest of family know.

Eeekkkk……we’ve got a new home together!!!

Thursday: Phoned about insurance. M brought us a kettle!!

Friday: Taking the parents to look at washing machines this morning. This afternoon is cookers with the mil. Washing machine and cooker arriving on Thursday like the fridge freezer!

Saturday: Bits and bobs shopping today, that stuff that is mundane but essential like washing up bowls……

Sunday: My dad has given us a worktop for the kitchen, he had it lying around, never got around to using it. Started the sort out of the bfs stuff.

Monday: Bfs Birthday. Weather crap so did unplanned house stuff….got sofa, table display cabinet, ironing board washing up bowl.


Tuesday: Soooo excited!!! Picked up the keys to our new home this morning…..eeeeekkkkkk……. We figure we’re now proper adults as we have our own phone number, the bf said it’s the thinking about heating oil that does that!!   Had a proper lookaround…..picked up my parents and took them for a guided tour, the bfs parents arrived later….

Wednesday: Started moving some of the bf’s stuff in today……….got the bfs bro ‘D’ in to measure up for the small amount of kitchen we want installing.  Went kitchen shopping this afternoon.

Thursday: The furniture we got on Monday, the cooker, fridgefreezer and washing machine all arriving today.  Bf started putting together the kitchen cupboards.

Friday: Near disaster this morning, loaded the car up last night of more of the bf’s bits, Rosie decided that she wanted a little TLC…..she had a puncture, luckily the guy who does my tyres was able to sort it within 30 mins of me calling him. Went to my home, and starte4d putting clothes in dustbin bags, so that I can sort through them in our new home…..lots of tears from mum.  Dad put me up a new washing line, the one there was pretty dirty!  D decided to put in an appearance at 5pm to start building the kitchen, the bf was not happy, D left at 8pm!   Got a little excited, as we have now got cows in the field opposite us…….

Friday: Our first night in our new home…

Saturday: D arrived early this morning to do more of the kitchen.  Went food shopping after SlimmingWorld, and this afternoon I started sort through and washing up everything to be put in the kitchen cupboards.  Cooked our first meal tonight!

Sunday: Day off house stuff today…..trip to the annual Kit Car Show.

Monday: Bank Holiday!  Finished sorting the kitchen, started on my clothes…..I needed them for work!

It’s been a rollercoaster 4 weeks, and i will take us a while to get sorted, I still have stuff at my parents (seems strange saying that), the bf still has stuff at his parents too….but we have a kitchen, we have a living room and we can get to our bed……

We was sort of looking but not properly for somewhere, this place just came up and it’s perfect for us!