Work delayed…..

Due to the low life scum who broke into the workshop, work on Cherry is now delayed.

The bf was in the process of fixing the chassis, but Duttons are perfectly imperfect, so nothing is square.

I was making a mould for the dashboard.  And getting ready to start fibre glassing her.

So until we have more tools………..

EveryDay stuff


This weekend was supposed to be a happy one… cousins wedding was Saturday, a chance to catch up with family that we haven’t seen for a while.

It all went horribly wrong when the bf got a call just as we were going into the church.  Some low life scum had broken into his workshop where we’ve been doing the kit cars…..this had happened between 5.30pm Friday (we’d been there for the afternoon, to get bits done, as we wouldn’t be about on Saturday) and sometime Saturday morning.

We stayed for the wedding service – the bride looked stunning, bridesmaids in blue, even a flower girl scattering petals in front of the bride as she walked down the isle.  The groom brushed up good.  The service was lovely, it was so nice to go to a wedding where the couple wanted top get married, both had massive smiles that stayed all through the service.  The organist was on a mission….I’ve never sung ‘All things bright and beautiful’ so quickly, as for ‘Lord of the Dance’ well……

We went straight away after the service back to the bf to change, then off to the workshop to find out what damage had been done.

As always, you think the worst……….

Daisy is priceless to us, she is unique, unreplaceable.  Cherry is very rare (about 67 in the world), but the Dutton Owners Club knows exactly where every car is.  The equipment acquired over the years, from tools belonging to his late father to new bits brought for his birthday earlier in the year. As well as car parts, and push bikes.

When we got there, relief, the Dutton was still as we had left it.  The little darlings had smashed the glass on the side door…..a fire door, so it wasn’t too easy. The door had been wedged shut by someone in a neighbouring unit. When we got in the workshop, we were amazed to find that the place hadn’t been trashed.

Daisy, apart from some cosmetic damage was fine. Whoever had done it had uncovered the back half of her, we’ve got a go-pro mount on the roll bar, but never leave the camera there, they left the helmets that were in the passenger side, and placed (not thrown) the rubbish bin, the right way up, on the drivers seat. Her back cover hadn’t been undone either.  They took (and dropped outside) a glue gun from the back bench, and a crappy cheap kite I had in there.  They uncovered a welder, and had walked past another welder.  They took the bfs tool box – a very full three layer Halfords job (we kept it covered up while we wasn’t there, the cover was half thrown/placed at the back of the workshop).  And they took his pushbike (left mine) which was strapped to the main garage door – this is where Daisy was damaged. There was a brand new radiator in a box, which they left along with his trolley jack next to it, as well as other bits such as axel stands.

It was really quite bizarre.  Apart from the bits that were on the front of the tool box, pens, pencils, that sort of thing that had fallen off,  a scrap metal bin that had been knocked over and some boxes moved to get the pushbike out, the bin and Daisy uncovered, it was relatively tidy.  Even the stool that was randomly left in the middle of nowhere (the bf had used it to stand on just before we left  Friday evening), was where we left it – they would’ve had to walk around it.

It turns out that the trailer they had used to take the stuff away, was stolen from around the corner, and that a quad bike had gone too…..they found the quad bike down the road.

What had happened was, about two weeks ago, our immediate neighbour had been broken into.  Whoever had done it, had driven in via someone elses property, then across a field.  That time they took a couple of bits and stole an old caravan.  The owner of the site, thought it had been a revenge break in as our neighbour had fallen out with the guys who had the unit with him.  I’d said at the time that they had walked around Cherry (her shell was separate to the chassis at the time), trampled grass down.  They had obviously had a good look around, and decided that as Cherry was like that, that there was something worth taking from our unit.

What didn’t help, was that the doorstep had rotted away, and so had the bottom of the post next to the door (we knew it moved slightly), that’s how they managed to get in.  We’ve got two locks on the door, the bottom one hadn’t been damaged.  My plan on Sunday was to repair the door step…….

The tools can be replaced, but it’s the fact that someone entered without permission, that they stole items that the sentimental value far outweighs the monetary value.  The tin snips and hacksaw that were his dads, the socket set he was given by his parents for his 18th Birthday, the verniers that he had as an apprentice.  I suppose we should be relieved that the cars weren’t damaged, which we are, don’t get me wrong, but the emotional rollercoaster that goes with it is exhausting.

They won’t get in again so easily……Fort Knox eat your heart out!!!


Slimming World

Week 13……

Well….I maintained this week….apparently that’s how it goes when you’re really close to a target…..not surprised though.

Saturday: Weetabix for breakfast. It was a party at SlimmingWorld Club today, so had lots of syn free nibbles. Some fruit, then it went wrong. Pizza for dinner…with chicken, sweetcorn and peppers. Around 40syns today.

Sunday: Leftover pizza for brunch. Some fruit and a yogurt. Roast pork and veg for dinner with rice pudding for dinner. Around 45syns today.

Monday: Weetabix and fruit for breakfast. Boiled eggs and spinach as a snack. More fruit. Salad for lunch. Lasagna that the sis made for tea…..fresh pasta so about 15syns.

Tuesday: Weetabix for breakfast. Chicken salad for lunch with an Alpen bar.  The usual fruit. Pork chop and veg for dinner. 3 syns today.

Wednesday: Overnight oats for breakfast. A lot of fruit. Heinz Spaghetti Bolognese for lunch. Dinner was Sausage egg chips and beans. Around 8 syns today.

Thursday: Weetabix and fruit for breakfast.  More fruit. A packet of salt and vinegar French fries (I’ve been craving crisps all week). Heinz Beef Ravioli for lunch.  Fine dining of McDonalds grilled chicken salad with balsamic dressing for dinner.   9 syns today.

Friday: Weetabix for breakfast. 2 left over sausages from Wednesday for lunch. Some fruit. Fish and chips for dinner. About 9 syns today.

Do I get  those shiny stickers at weigh in or not…….fingers crossed!!


Nine lives……

One ours cats must’ve used 8 of its lives in one go a few weeks ago…..

The cat in question I called Lady Jane (also beautiful, gorgeous), mum calls it MumPuss. We thought it was one of the farm cats, we have a lot, all feral, the majority of them we cannot get near. But since its escapades we’re thinking differently.

It turns out that the cat in question is male not female…..we had began to wonder, as he never had any kittens.  It also turns out that he has been neutered and that he is middle aged to old……he’s only been around our yard 3/4 years.  He’s as good as gold in a cat basket……to get a feral cat in a cat basket would be pretty impossible.

We first noticed him when he adopted our long haired German Shepherd, and lived with him and the ankle snapper Jack Russell in their kennel (we thought he’d grown up with Ted),  he was know as Ted’s cat.  When Ted sadly passed away, and the ankle snapper came to live inside, the cat (Mad Mog as I now call him), took to spending time at the back door, and spending time with the ankle snapper.  He got so he would let my dad brush him ( he’s gorgeous long haired predominately white with black patches), and let us fuss him up, he’s now under your feet until you give him treats.  We’ve never been able to pick him up.

Anyway, the beautiful boy he is, is a bit of a scavenger. Put any food or treats out for the cats, he’s the boss, he will almost inhale what’s put in front of him, and swipe any other cats trying to get near the food, or attack them if they’ve got food.

Right back to the story…….

On the Friday morning, just chatting to my dad, he said, could you go to the vet and have a look at this cat and see if it’s one of ours… Instantly I said what cat?  I’d seen something on Facebook about a white cat being rescued from a local fishing lake, but that was it, it crossed my mind that it might be the one that is usually at the back door, but no-one had said anything to me at home so I didn’t think anymore of it, the cat often disappeared for a few days at a time….he was a yard cat they do that.  Anyway, Dad said, there’s a photo of it, so he duly found me the photo, instantly I said it was ours….the parents and sister wasn’t sure.  So off I went to the Vets when it opened, he was a little timid in the basket, but it was definitely our cat.  The vet who showed him to me, said that was the first time he had reacted to anyone when I spoke to him.  £150ish later that afternoon after borrowing a basket from the in laws, I collected the boy. He was a good as gold in the basket, really quiet, he perked up when he saw my car, but then laid down quite happily.  When I opened the car door at  home is when he really perked up, he recognised where he was.  I got him inside, put the basket on the floor, as soon as he see the ankle snapper, he started the kneading (or treading grapes as I call it, others say bread making).  We took him to outside of the back door, he leisurely strolled out of the basket, started rubbing around everyone wait for treats.

What happed to him, well……

We have fishing lakes (or ponds as I like to call them) around quarter of a mile away from us, the lakes have a lot of visitors from opening time at 7am to closing time at dusk.  This particular Wednesday morning, a couple of guys had patiently been waiting for the gate to open at 7am.  On arrival at the lake, they noticed an animal about half way across the lake with its head in something.  One of the guys swam out to get it.  It turns out that it was a cat with its head stuck in a Quavers crisp packet.  When they took the crisp packet off its head, some of the crisps fell out, so they know it wasn’t done deliberately.  They don’t know how long he had been in there, but they resuscitated him, and took him off to the vets.  Apparently it had been put over Facebook, but I hadn’t seen it (I have it but don’t spend hours on it).  All the vets needed to do for him, was put him on a drip, give him antibiotics, and something to make him eat, because he has food constantly there for him at home (our cats however feral, never go hungry, they always have dry cat food available for them), he is otherwise really healthy.

This morning, like most since he came home, he was at the back door waiting for his treats.  We have others come for treats, so, as he’s reasonably tame, he’s given a treat one at a time whilst being fussed up, and a few are put to the side for the others who eat slowly.  The other cats have now worked out what I do, Mad Mog hasn’t (he’s getting food, he doesn’t care!) so its a win win for all, other wise he bats them out of the way and hoovers up what’s left!!

With everything that has happened and how he reacts to certain things – the cat basket, the scavenging, inhaling/hoovering food, the affection- I’m convinced that he had been in a family with dogs,  was abandoned, and found our farm and Ted and decided to stay.

He really is a gorgeous boy…….Had I been able, I would have given him a home as a house cat, but saying that, he seems perfectly happy where he is now……..

Slimming World

Week 12……

So I’m now 3 months in on this weight loss thing……last week I lost 3.5lb and got Slimmer of the Week (another shiny sticker)! That’s 1st 5.5lb off in total, 1.5lb to go to my 1.5st off, and my 10% off!

Have got a wedding next weekend.  The dress I was planning to wear is now too big…..I gutted!! Now on the hunt for something to wear….struggling to work out what size I want and what style I need. It’s not helpful that whatever I buy won’t (hopefully)be much good come Christmas. 

Saturday: Morning oats in yogurt for breakfast with blueberries, peach and nectarine. Lunch was scrambled eggs with spaghetti rings in tomatoe sauce and an apple. For Dinner we had chinese….second week in a row….not so good. A lot of syns.

Sunday: Brunch was leftover chinese 🤔. Some fruit. Dinner was roast chicken and veg (about 2 syns) but dessert was treacle tart and custard…..mmmmm….. Lots and lots of syns! 🙁

Monday: Weetabix for breakfast. Chicken salad for lunch. Plenty of fruit. SlimmingWorld Spaghetti Bolognaise for dinner, with a little bit of cheese and a tiny piece of garlic bread.  Around 5syns today.

Tuesday: Overnight oats in yogurt with blueberries for breakfast. Fruit, lots of! Leftover Spaghetti Bolognaise for lunch, with cheese – my Healthy Extra.  For dinner it’s SlimmingWorld chips, baked beans and Chicken Kiev, and a fresh cream cake… would’ve gone out of date if I hadn’t. 😕. About 17syns today.

Wednesday: Overnight oats in yogurt with blueberries for breakfast. Salad for lunch, with a couple or four dark chocolate digestive thins. Spaghetti Carbonara for dinner with a little bit of garlic bread. Went to a meeting this evening with nibbles…..the secretary to the meeting makes melt in your mouth small butterfly cakes….the half of cheese scone was nice too. Around 20syns today. 

Thursday: Overnight oats in yogurt and blueberries for breakfast. The last of the spaghetti bolognaise for lunch. McDonald’s grilled chicken salad with balsamic dressing for dinner. 1.5syns today. 

Friday: Overnight oats in yogurt with blueberries for breakfast. Scrambled eggs and baked beans for lunch. Lots of fruit. An Alpen bar…needed a chocolate hit! Fish and chip van cod, with batter removed and mushy peas for dinner. 3syns today. 

I really want those two shiny stickers……the 1.5stone off one and the 10% off one (this is the 1st target)…….  Then in theory I have 3st to go.  I’m not sure I want to go that far, maybe 1st or 1.5st more off, I have clothes I want to fit in, so we will see……especially after syns that have passed my lips this week!!! 



Slimming World

Week 11…..:

So maintained this week……gotta be really good this week. I want that next shiny sticker. No birthday parties to jeopardise this one!

Saturday: Weetabix for breakfast. Lunch was boiled eggs and chicken. Dinner it went wrong……we had chinese….was lovely…..must be good tomorrow after breakfast. Too many syns today.

Sunday: Chinese for brunch…last nights leftovers😳. Some fruit. Roast beef and veg with a yogurt for dessert for dinner. A lot of syns today.

Tomorrow is a new day, we’ll do this properly!!

Monday: Weetabix for breakfast. Some fruit. A HiFi bar…..had the munchies! SlimmingWorld Smokey BBQ Chicken with Beans for lunch. Dinner was pasta bolognaise with chips.  About 15 syns today.

Tuesday: Overnight oats and blueberries for breakfast.  Chicken salad for lunch.  Lots of fruit. For dinner we had steak with potatoes and green beans.  About 3 syns today.

Wednesday: Weetabix for breakfast. The inevitable fruit.  SlimmingWorld Creamy Ham & Mushroom Farfalle for lunch, this was really nice, not spicy as most SlimmingWorld meals seem to be.  So up to that point, I was really really good……Then it all went wrong!  Due to a last minute change of plans, the planned Waitrose Chicken Kiev (10.5 syns), baked beans and SlimmingWorld Chips, went out of the window.  By the time we got to eat, it was too late to start cooking, so we ended up in Pizza Hut….I was good and had salad, maybe shouldn’t have had the drizzle of garlic mayo, but was also very naughty, and had Hawaiian Pizza with sweetcorn (not sure what happened to the pineapple though!) Too many syns today.

It’s not looking good for Saturday weigh in…….

Thursday: Weetabix for breakfast.  Obviously fruit.  A couple of boiled eggs in the morning as a snack. Salad for lunch and for dinner we had vegetable soup with dumplings. Around 6 syns today. 

Friday: Breakfast was Overnight oars in yogurt for a change ( really liked them). Lunch was chicken pieces and fruit. Dinner was chicken pasta with mushrooms, onions and garlic, the chew on this was my Healthy Extra for the day! . I also gave in to the Cadbury’s Fudge that kept looking at me! 5.5syns today. 

I’m not expecting miracles tomorrow at weigh in after the rubbish I’ve eaten, but I can hope…….