Slimming World

Week 2……

Well went for my weigh in…I lost 3.5lbs. Happy with that as first week, hopefully I’ll be able to do something similar Week 2!

Saturday: Overnight oats with Pinapple for breakfast. Was a little naughty had a little trip to the seaside and had fish chips and mushy peas….took the batter off the fish, so only the chips were syns. 14 syns today.

Sunday: Today started with a healthy fried breakfast…..the only syns were hash browns, oh and nothing was fried (of mine), scrambled eggs nuked in the microwave (the bf had fried eggs), bacon oven baked no sausages for me either. Sunday Roast for dinner with Slimming World Ice Cream and blueberries and Meringue for desert.  18.5 syns today…..not so good, but who can resist hash browns…I certainly can’t!

Monday: Good start – overnight oats with blueberries.  Lots of fruit…. Chicken salad for lunch with Mullerlight yogurt. Gammon and veg for dinner.  Had a SlimmingWorld Hi Fi bar- Double chocolate……heaven! 6.5 syns today.

Tuesday: Was dreading today a bit, as I’m on a course every Tuesday for the next few weeks, where they provide lunch…..all booked long before I started all this.  This morning started as usual, morning oats with blueberries (sat in the car at the course venue, I got there a little early!) Lunch was a couple of small sandwiches – 1 round of bread it equated to – with Tuna/ cucumber and Ham Salad. I resisted the cakes and had fruit. During lunch I found out they could do me salad, so I’ve asked for that over the next 4 weeks. Dinner is pasta with chopped tomatoes and a SlimmingWorld Hi Fi bar….salted caramel this time…mmmm……  Gym tonight too, short session, but it was better than nothing! 13 syns today.

Wednesday: Overnight oats for breakfast, I forgot the blueberries, so had mango with it instead. Lunch was pasta, chopped tomatoes and chicken.  Loads of fruit again today. Wednesdays I cook for the bf.  I asked him what he fancied, he said sausage, egg and chips, but as long as it was ok for me to eat bless him… was nice….syn free sausages for me, but otherwise I had the same as him……11.5 syns today.

Thursday: I remembered the blueberries for the overnight oats today.  Again lots of fruit.  Lunch was a sausage (last night left overs) salad with cold potatoes….it was lovely, and a SlimmingWorld Hi Fi bar… choc today….ooooo….heaven!! Dinner was fried pre cooked veg, with fried  egg. Gym tonight….did a little more tonight…  9.5 syns today.

Friday: Overnight oats for breakfast again….was a good girl, I did the work McDonalds breakfast run…..I got a black tea, no sugar, for me and resisted the hash browns, my McDonalds weakness!….. Loads of fruit again today. Not so good that it’s now 10.45 am and I have very little fruit left to eat. Salad for lunch. Dinner was SlimmingWorld Lasagne, was really nice. 8.5 syns today. 

Saturday is weigh in day…..wonder how I’ve done this week……


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