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Wow…that weekend went quickly….

I can’t believe where time has gone.  The weekend for me started Friday – it was my day off.

Friday was full of pretty nails (and gossip), stickers (loads) and the cinema and the obligatory trip to Mc Donald’s that goes with the cinema (salad for me!)  We went to see Dunkirk…..all I can say is it was amazing.  We was in the cinema for two hours allegedly, it only seemed like 30 mins – it really is worth watching.  It gave a fascinating insight into what happened.

Saturday started with Slimming World – 3.5lbs in the first week…I’m happy with that!  The afternoon was spent out playing in Daisy the Kit Car.  We met a friend who’s owned one of these for 20 years, who suggested shortish journeys to start with (The longest up until today was about 13 miles to my parents house to show them her), so he suggested meeting us about 20 miles away.  We ended up at Hunstanton, via Sandringham – photo stop at the Sandingham Gates – and a lot of back roads….great fun.  We enjoyed fish and chips at Hunstanton – you have to at the seaside don’t you – I was good and didn’t eat the batter on my fish, as much as I love it!  On the way home it started to rain, just lightly….thankfully, because I did get a little damp! 104 miles we did that trip, on 3/4 tank of fuel….hmmm………  Looking forward to the next outing!

Sunday was spent playing with Cherry, giving Daisy a once over as she’s now had a proper run and stickers……there were a lot of orders….it was a late night!!!

It all went far too fast, especially as I had the extra day…….


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