Slimming World

Week one……

So the start of this was a bit of a disaster……Saturday just didn’t happen, so I started on Sunday….

Saturday:  Initial weigh in….. my target loss is 4st 5.5lb. Food wise, due to my breakfast and lunch, I (we, the bf included in this) figured that I’d be better starting Sunday.  So we had a last evening blow out of Dominos Pizza….the last in a while, a slice is 9.5 syns….1 slice is never enough!!

Sunday: Used all todays syns and tomorrows and some of Tuesdays, finishing the pizza – not a great start.  But was good the rest of the day eating mainly free foods, except the gravy and Yorkshire pud with my Sunday roast!  I’ve even given up sugar my tea……that was the hardest bit!  31.5 syns today….it was that pizza!

Monday: Good start today – overnight oats – the Heathy Option extra – with blueberries, for breakfast.  I have loads of fruit to snack on and chicken salad, and yogurt for lunch. Sugarless tea….hmmm…….. Overall a good day……only 6 syns, from my evening meal.

Tuesday: Another good start – overnight oats – the Heathy Option extra – with blueberries, for breakfast.  I have lots of fruit again, chicken salad for lunch (different bits in the salad today).  Could have quite happily sat down and eaten loads of Hobnobs (work was stressful), but resisted…….  Better today with the sugarless tea! 7 syns for dinner…..that means I’ve evened until syns from Sunday!

Wednesday: Another good day, started the day with the overnight oats and blueberries. Lunch was pasta and chicken in chopped tomatoes. Loads of fruit again and 0% Greek style yogurt.  For dinner the bf decided he wanted a BBQ. So I had a bread roll, 3 syn free sausages and ketchup. And a Hi Fi light macaroon bar. 13.5 syns today. 

Thursday: Overnight oats again without the blueberries- I forgot them!!  Lunch was the same as yesterday. Dinner was pasta in chopped tomatoes with steak and green beans chopped up!  2 syns today!  Coping with sugarless tea better now. 

Friday: Overnight oats as normal today. Lunch was chicken salad. It was cinema night, so the weekly trip of fine dining that is McDonald’s….crispy chicken and bacon salad with balsamic vinegar dressing….all my syns were from this….11.5 today!

Weigh in day tomorrow…..



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