Cherry is the next project……

As I’ve mentioned in previous ramblings, the bf has completed his kit car. After 8 years of hard work, Daisy (named as such because she was a bit of a cow during the build, and she is white & black) is finally registered and on the road……we had our first trip out the other evening…amazing!

So….he decided that he needed another project…..

The new project is Cherry (The bf says she’s mine).  She’s a Dutton Legerra.  We’ve been told that there are only 60 in existence in the world, so she’s pretty rare.  She’s a beautiful dark metallic red, and she needs a lot of work doing to her, more than we thought!

The journey with Cherry started a few months ago, the guy selling her, put her on eBay, and she didn’t sell.  He put her up for sale again, cheaper and on local kit car club facebook pages.  The bf did consider her before, but decided she was too  expensive.

This time, we hooked Rosie up to a trailer, and headed the hour or so to the guy, to get her (an interesting experience, I’d never towed before, and the bf couldn’t because of his age) .  I can say it was love on first meeting, she is so pretty. So within a couple of hours and handing over a little more cash, we came away with a Cherry, couple of engines and various other bits and pieces that may or may not be useful!

And so the restoration of Cherry has begun…..the bf did bits while I was away at Silverstone.  And this weekend, it all properly started….(it wasn’t Daisy weather, she’s got no roof or windscreen!)  He needs to rebuild the front of the car chassis, due to the various pervious owners, cutting bits out and doing dodgy repairs.  So to enable him to get this right, we spent most of yesterday afternoon, getting soaked in the rain and drying off in the sun, putting in an engine and gear box, to make sure it would fit, and to see what other modifications we are going to need to do to her….tired was not the word last night!

We were hoping that she would be up and running by next summer, but from the work that needs doing to her (all outside too, I must add, no space in Daisy’s workshop for her) we think it may be a couple of years…….also it depends on the weather.  The deal was that he could have a new project, as long as we got to enjoy Daisy.  So weekends like this one (wet and sunny) weren’t Daisy days, I’m hoping that next weekend will be!!





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