Slimming World

Just joined Slimming World……

After a while of thinking about it and a random discussion Friday night, Saturday morning I went and joined Slimming World.

My first goal is 1st 7lb weight loss with an overall goal of 4st 5.5lb loss at the moment! I think that will be plenty enough!

My reasoning behind going: Mainly my feet and the pain from the plantar fasciitis; made myself a beautiful pig skin leather jacket, that I have hardly worn, because it’s got too small; And there’s the dress that I wore when I went to the bf’s works Christmas dinner for the first time….it’s a jersey fabric, long sleeve white with black stripes around it, I loved the dress he did too, and I felt amazing in it at the time.

The bf is happy to go along with this, he wants to lose weight too, but doesn’t want to join the club.

My MIL is doing this diet too, so she will be a great help keeping me on track!

Going to be living on Fruit and salads – I’m not a great veg fan – as most of these are all classed as ‘Free foods’, can eat as much of them as you like.  There’s some stuff you can’t , but that’s where the ‘Syns’ come in- I’m allowed between 5 and 15 syns! Sugar is classed as syn….tea without sugar, I’m going to struggle with I think!

I’ll keep you updated weekly after my weigh-ins……


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