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Goodwood Festival of Speed……


Wow, what a weekend….

We (the bf and M) eventually (the paperwork came through to register the kit car, so we filled it in and posted it) set off with a very full Rosie…..by full I mean we only had the 3 seats we needed as driver/passengers….

The journey was long, Rosie’s satnav took us through lots of different places, and seemed to avoid main roads and the Dartford Toll, but eventually we managed to meet up with our friends (RL & DS) at the Goodwood local Sainsburys, after the shopping (for food and drink) we headed to the campsite.

You’d think that finding a spot to put our tents would be simples…….oh no, not with the bf and RL.  We drove around in circles a couple of times, decided on a pitch, then they decided that they didn’t like that so we moved yet again.

Tents went up easily, well mine, the bf & M’s did, RL & DS’s one not so easy.  BBQ was eventually lit, and we settled in to a weekend of fun….

Thursday was what is classed as moving motors day…..if you get into the festival early enough, you get the chance to go in a new car up the hill climb….never managed it yet!!  The four days we were there, were spent wandering around the stalls and stands – sampling the hospitality of Land Rover (we forgot the Audi key), dribbling over beautiful cars wishing we had the money to buy just what we want, watching the hill climb, walking up that big hill (the forest is great when its hot and when it rains), getting covered in dust from the rally part, getting photo’s of lovely people such as the model Jodie Kidd and racing driver Martin Brundell.

It was a busy none stop weekend with lots of walking, we walked at least 35 miles over the course of the weekend….

I would recommend anyone to visit, even if it is just to dream about one day owning one of the super cars…..some of them you even get to sit in….


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