EveryDay stuff

It’s been busy……

I can’t believe where time has gone these last few months.  Both work and play have been busy, a case of not being sure where to turn.


Work has calmed down for now….just as well I’m on holiday next week, off to Goodwood Festival of Speed for the weekend.  It really has been manic.  I had my appraisal back in the second week of May, I’ve now only just got around to filling the forms in.  The issue with work at the moment is that we have a new contract starting at the beginning of July, and for some reason, it seemed really really important to get most of our schemes done before it starts, don’t know why as we’re still with the same contractors, but…..  Anyway, where I was planning on spacing all my schemes over the financial year, almost two thirds of them had to be completed between April and the end of June……not helpful at all, especially with an interfering boss!


Play has been good…..

The bfs Kit Car is now officially roadworthy, I am so so proud of him.  The IVA (Individual Vehicle Assessment) went so well….all he needed was cable tie around some loose wires, a 50mm length of insulating tape over the ends of some bare wires (he hadn’t quite covered the properly) and a 19mm socket to adjust the headlights.  Even the testers said that it us very unusual for a kit car to pass this text first time.  Now its time to deal with the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) to register the beast, fingers crossed she’ll be road legal by mid July.

I changed my car…..I now have my Rosie……
I’ve been to the cinema a couple of times, in the nice new local shiny cinema. Wonder Woman, was ok, not sure of it. The latest Pirates of the Caribbean….awesome, better than the last couple.  The new Transformers tonight.

Stickers, stickers and more stickers……..

And we’ve been attempting the gym…..I need to, to help with the short walk I’m doing next May.

Oh and we had a General Election……that was a busy one.  My polling station had over 75% turn out!

It’s all go…… I’m so looking forward to next week, not that it looks like playtime is slowing down…….


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