EveryDay stuff

It was my birthday yesterday…..

I’m telling everyone that I turned 1……I don’t go into double figures, all numbers get added together until I get a single number, so I never get older than 9.  I used to say the length of time I’ve had my driving licence was my age, but I’m not sure I like that figure so much now, but don’t tell one of the nieces, she was born a month before I passed my driving test!

I was totally spoilt….a beautiful bag from my sis; jewellery from my parents; iPod for Rosie (my Land Rover) and some walking sandals from the bf; a few bits from the bf’s parents, including the Bat Out of Hell tickets (his mum won them, and gave them to us) amongst other bits and pieces……  Also lots of lovely messages through social media.

Work was ok……could’ve been worse, I achieved a lot during the day.

London was lovely, very vibrant and saying ‘up yours’ to those wanting to cause trouble – Bat Out of Hell was fantastic.

All in all a great day….a long one, but great……


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