EveryDay stuff

I got a Rosie…..

Rosie is my new vehicle, she’s a pretty metallic red Land Rover Freelander 2.  So let the adventures begin……

Before Rosie was Olive a lovely little red VW Polo.  She did what I needed her to do, but my job involves going down some nasty pot holey/rutted roads, and she is far too good for that, and deserves a better life, and she was a little small for my needs.  When I got her, I was still in a mainly office based jobs using decent roads, and she was perfect for my needs, then I changed jobs.

Before Olive was Matilda, a gorgeous aluminium coloured VW Golf MK5 GT TDi Sport.  I loved Matilda, and still really miss her, even though it’s been 2 years since I had to say bye bye to her…that was hard.  But bless her, she had a drink problem, it wasn’t so bad to start with…..I figured that if topping up the coolant every few months or so, was all that she needed then I could handle that.  The problem came to light following a fuelling issue, her fuel tank got a fungus growing in it (diesel thing apparently), she died on me (and the bf) a few times, over a short period.  We sorted that little problem, new fuel filter, took her fuel tank off and cleaned it out…….that’s when the drink problem started, everyday I had to top up her coolant. With the drink problem and the need of a new clutch and flywheel, I decided that it was time for her to go.  I still believe today that it was her way of telling that she’d done her bit for me, she was ready to move on (I always said it was her choice to move on, not mine).

Before Matilda was Sparkles an amazing metallic dark blue Peugeot 307.  She was so amazing, she kept me alive, when an idiot in a lorry decided that he would kill her off.  It was a beautiful sunny July morning, single carriageway road, staggered crossroads, right hand turning facility in the middle of the road.  The lorry drivers plan was to go across the main road using the right turn facility.  Instead of stopping to allow me through on the main road, he just kept rolling.  Driver side to driver side impact.  Because Sparkles was so awesome, me and my sis walked away, with bruising and whiplash, unfortunately, she was written off.


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