London Moonwalk

Early discussions have taken place……

I’m signed up as part of my Nieces team for the walk…..I call her Grumpy…. One of my sisters M has signed up too, just waiting to hear from my friend P is she’s joining us.

Grumpy took part in this years Moonwalk (2017), along with her friend and a young girl who works for her.  All Grumpy  wanted to do was finish in under 8hours.  Unfortunately although, Grumps and her friend trained properly, the young girl didn’t, from what I understand, the furthest she walked had been about 2 miles with Grumpy during lunch breaks….anyway, being the awesome twosome Grumpy and her friend are, they didn’t leave the young girl behind, they stayed with her (she was struggling after 13 miles) and helped her to finish, so the 8 hour target was well and truly missed.

Anyways……the deal I have with Grumpy and her friend is that, they are free to leave us (me) if they find I’m not fast enough for them, there’s no way I’m going to ruin it for her.  When I said this to her, she said that’s why she let me into her team, because she knew that she wouldn’t have to wait for us.

It turns out that the Sis-in-Law is down for doing this too…..

Training for me has yet to start properly – I’ve got problems with my feet/heels (unless I’m in 2/3inch heels), when I do a lot of walking, I often struggle to walk even if we’ve only sat down for a quick drink, so it’s a trip to the docs to see what the best way forward. The gym and beautiful scenery around where I live are waiting…….

I’m excited to be doing this……..


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