EveryDay stuff

5 days in……

It’s been busy so far…..

I have the pretty nails…..was good to have a catch up with my nail bird…. I’ve only got a few more sessions with her before her baby arrives, so as you can guess there was a lot of baby talk. Especially as someone I know had a baby at 25 weeks and 6 days….round about where my nail bird is at with her pregnancy.

Moving in to the Hen Do…….I think the bear (Alfred that is) had more fun. I’d never been to a Hen Do like that before and hopefully won’t again.The Bride to be was late, and rather than talking to her guests she decided she needed to help. Only part of it was set up on time…..the food (courtesy of the Brides Mother) was late…….  We were given wedding predictions things to answer….apparently it was supposed to be done seriously, but me being me said…..honeymoon in Outer Mongolia, when given the question of what comes next, I said a Dulux dog……at least like a few when it came to the advise but, I said Enjoy, others said don’t do it!!!

The shed door has been completed, a couple of rouge stickers sorted, and the bfs bros car has been sorted….

Oh and we had a couple of flakes of snow amid the beautiful sun.

Wonder what the rest of the week will bring!


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