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My much loved bf gave me an Easter Egg……Nestle one it is, Caramac, Rolo’s and Munchies included….yum!!

I couldn’t believe the packaging, apparently 1/10th of the egg is a serving…..please tell me who in their right mind divides an Easter egg up in to servings??  Obviously I had my 1 serving and maybe a couple more….

If they want you to only eat so much at a time…..they listed the number of Rolos, the number of Munchies and how many bits of Caramac…..why didn’t they make the egg so that it broke up into the 10ths rather than the fragments little and large that it did break into??

While I’m on a rant…..why don’t they put things inside the eggs anymore??  That used to be part of the excitement of an Easter egg, opening it to fond out what was inside………


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