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I’ve got a squirrel…..

I’d been told that there was a squirrel around the office building I work, today I finally got to see it.

My office is based on the outskirts of a village, next to a Industrial Estate, and a few years ago Recycling Centre was put next door. I have a small office to myself (my cupboard) which occasionally gets invaded by others as I have a spare desk in here.  My cupboard has got too big windows over looking the recycling centre – the view could be worse, I have trees and there is a 2 metre wooden fence about 30 metres away.  Anyway, the office building is about a metre from the property boundary, where there is a 2 metre wire fence. Up until last year I shared my cupboard with someone who has since left, she left me a bag of bird seed and a pretty crappy bird feeder. So not wanting it to go to waste I duly filled the bird feeder, and enjoyed the results.  Just before Christmas I replaced the feeder, a nice man I work with made me a bracket to put it on so that it was away from the fence, and I also put out fat filled half coconut shells. I now have Robins, Great Tits, Long Tailed Tits, Blue Tit and Chaffinches to watch every once in a while, when I’m on the phone or trying to work something out, beautiful….oh and the odd crow…..a couple of months ago I added peanuts in a netting to the collection.

Back to the squirrel….I’d noticed that my bird feeder was all of a sudden being emptied quite quickly, I put it down to the colder weather….as you do.  How wrong was I learnt from the nice man, that we had a squirrel, and the little darling had worked out how to hook the feeder off of the bracket and throw it on the floor so it could eat the contents.  He said he stood there and watched him one morning. I stopped it, the feeder is now tied on with a piece of string – I’m now waiting to see how long it takes the squirrel to chew through the string! Anyways, yesterday I come back to work after the Easter weekend to find not only was the feeder empty, but so was the nut bag, and the coconut shell.  Beling good I replaced the shell, nut bag and filled the feeder.  This morning I discovered that the nut bag was again empty…..with holes in it.  A little while ago I got to see the squirrel, as bold as you like sitting on the fence looking into my cupboard.  The little darling then proceeded to attack the empty nut bag, but run off after finding it empty……..think I’ll be getting a metal nut feeder, soon, I don’t mind feeding the squirrel, but, it would be nice if it left something for the birds………


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