EveryDay stuff

And then the dreaded summer cold hits……

I know it’s not quite summer but……

It was a typical bank holiday weekend…..luckily not weather wise!

The  Easter weekend was all planned, sort the cars, go to friends wedding, work a bit on the kit car & tidy the unit it’s being built in, stickers…….

Maundy Thursday evening was spent at the cinema – we went to see Fast & Furious 8, I did my usual trick of falling asleep, usually I see most of the film, Thursday evening I saw very little….they say it was really good.

Arrived at the bf’s on Good Friday to find him full of cold….a great start! Apparently his mum had been sick all morning too. So with a grumpy bf, we set off on the car sorting – we were due to be chauffeurs at a friends wedding Easter Saturday, I was transporting the bridesmaids in my little car (Olive) and his (Amy) was to be the main wedding car.  Washing the cars was fine – there’s a great place just up the road we use, I’d already taken Olive there on my way over the bf, luckily she was shiny and beautiful still, as I left the car wash it started to rain, so there was a panic of dusty roads, and rain to make her all dirty again.  Amy was filthy, to put it politely, it doesn’t help that she’s black either, so every speck of dirt shows, she came away a lot cleaner than she went, but not perfect.  So Mr Grumpy and I got the polish out to make Amy look as perfect as she could….and she did look beautiful. The afternoon was spent doing stickers……and the bf sleeping. We did think about popping out at one point, we forgot wrapping paper for the wedding present, but it had been raining again, and we had nice shiny clean cars so we thought better of it…..brown paper and coloured wool is great for wrapping gifts!!  Easter Saturday arrived a little damp underfoot, but nothing too bad, it turned into a lovely day, a little chilly but sunny.  The bf felt a little better (cold & flu pills are awesome).  Amy looked beautiful in her purple ribbons.  I will say that this wasn’t your usual wedding, there was no last minute panics, in fact the bride, groom and their children had days out Thursday and Friday, because everything was sorted, she was so organised. The wedding and reception went perfectly, the bride looked beautiful.  I love the vision of the bride and groom walking from the registry office to the reception.  They did the same from the reception to home late afternoon. Me and the bf didn’t get home late about 8pmish, but we were knackered….it had been a long day.  Sunday and Monday was spent doing little bits to the car….and stickers.  We took around 40 sticker orders over the 4 days.

And then the dreaded summer cold hit me……Monday I started feeling a little woolie headed, Tuesday was full blown cold, blocked up nose (no cold and flu pills because they my stomach), hayfever pills couldn’t touch it, paracetamol helped! Wednesday….I need nose bungs is the best way to describe it……….I’m hoping that it will be over by Friday morning, because that’s when 2 weeks holiday starts……..

And to add to it all Tutorial 5 has arrived!!







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