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Most week days it’s been the usual sleep, go to work, do stickers, sleep…..

I was busy last week and over the weekend, but haven’t seemed to have done much…..

Most week days it’s been the usual sleep, go to work, do stickers, sleep…..

Monday was broken up with library duty (me and sis volunteer every other Monday evening) and Friday was my day off, that was the most eventful!  I have every other Friday off work, I work 9 days in 10, the usual run of the day is to have a little layin (get up at around 7.30 am rather than 6.20am), a trip into my local town to have my nails made pretty, spend a couple of hours doing pieces and bits, then it’s off to see the bf (he doesn’t work Friday afternoons), and if he’s not working on the Saturday it’s a trip to the cinema.

So Friday started like any other, layin, nails, pieces and bits, go to bf. As he wasn’t working a trip to the cinema was planned a trip to see ‘Ghost in the Shell’, the reviews say it’s a great film…..that at this moment in time I can’t confirm.

Unfortunately early afternoon, we had a call from the bf’s mum, her partner had had a little crash on his way home from work, on one of the busiest roads in the area, about 20 minutes away from us, just before Friday rush hour, that usually starts just after 4pm.  So off me and the bf went, cursing all the traffic getting in our way, slowing us down, to find out what had happened.  Luckily her partner was ok, but very shaken up, but his pride and joy car not so much, he had run into the back of another car, the other car and driver came off much better as he only caught the back corner of their car as they turned into a junction.  Thankfully someone he worked with recognised his car, and stopped to see if he was ok, and took him home for us, while we dealt with the recovery lorry. He’s ok now, and they are going to repair his car….whether he decides to keep it after this is a different matter.

Because of all this and the time it took to sort it, we gave up on the cinema idea.

Saturday was shopping, working on car & BBQ (No stickers today, we make a point of not doing them on a Saturday).

Sunday was visiting a friend to sort out what we are doing to help at a friends wedding this Saturday, go do more work on the car, do stickers (all evening – a lot again).

Back to Monday, again broken up this week by library – Easter Party this time, and decorated boiled egg competition, as we had little ones involved, they did pictures too, it was a fun evening.

So we’re back to Tuesday, this evening should be gym night, but due to other stuff that’s not happening,  it’s been the usual sleep, go to work, so far, and it sounds like it’s going to be the usual do stickers, sleep….. start again on Wednesday………




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