I need sleep……

Last week was a strange one, not because I was staying with the bf for the week, or dog sitting for his parents, but for all that happened.

Sunday I was on a high from seeing Marti Pellow.

Monday sadly saw me attending the funeral of my bf best friends dad….my car tyre guy.  He was a lovely, lovely person, and classed me as one of the family because of my bf.  Our friend did so well, how he managed to keep it together whist saying a bit about his dad, I will never know, the same goes for his wife, they were both amazing. We had a giggle or two……my memory of him, was on our first meeting at his sons wedding…he was wearing blue jeans, he told us that the shirt and tie he was wearing had come from Primark that week, as he didn’t own any!  When we were told the date of the funeral, we asked if there was a dress code for that reason, to me, it wasn’t right going to this guys funeral wearing the normal smart ‘funeral’ outfit, I was right our friend came back and said casual, and true to his word he arrived similarly dress to how his dad was at the wedding, minus the tie! I’ve always tried to steer away from too much black at funerals, the funeral prior to this I wore a dress covered in flowers, it was appropriate for the lady we sadly said goodbye to. For the funeral of one of my mums mum we wore bright colours, I remember helping my young niece choose a bright red outfit for it. For my Uncle I wore bright yellow, his football team was Norwich City, they wear yellow and green, and for the funeral of the guy who sat behind me at football for 18ish years, I wore my Norwich City football shirt, as did my sister and two nieces. My mum has always said, it doesn’t matter what you wear, being there is more important.The funeral itself was a humanist cremation, I’m a Methodist and have unfortunately been to far too many funerals over the years, but I have found that humanist funeral services are some of the most beautiful.

Tuesday & Wednesday was back to work.  Sorting the dog in the morning…..he was having earlier walks that usual, I was taking him around 8amish, he’s used to 9.30/10amish! working around him…I usually start work at around 7am.  Because of the hound, I decided to work from home, it was easier.  Wednesday I popped into work, as needed to do some printing, it’s only a 15 minute drive away, but felt awful and struggled to stay awake on the way back.

Thursday felt worse than Wednesday, so took the day off sick, spent a few hours of it asleep, and apart from sorting the dog in the morning, I did nothing, I felt better for it.

Friday went into work, felt a lot better, just as well as we went to see ‘The Wedding Singer’ stage show in the evening, it was good, but its not one I’d want to see again and again. Had the nephew in law not got us tickets, because his friend was in the show band, we wouldn’t have gone.  The cast were fantastic, a few famous faces from UK TV…..they are so tiny when you stand near them!

Saturday was lay in day…..we did work on the bf kit car, and had an evening of a Chinese takeaway and doing not a lot….bliss.

Sunday I decided it would be a good idea to factory reset my iPhone, it’s not very old, but something was eating the battery up big time…..not the best idea I had, as I forgot to back up some stuff! but hopefully it’s sorted the problem, but as I started as a new set up…I know that I’ve not downloaded every app I use, I think I have, but I know I haven’t!!  Got to go through the putting all my music back on, which would be easy really, if the bf hadn’t wiped his MacBook a few months ago, without backing up my iTunes…..that includes my ringtones…grrrrrrrrrr….  The afternoon was spent with the kit car, sorting problems, and finding more problems.  The evening was spend producing vinyl stickers (we have a little online shop on eBay, UK only) 38 orders to sort out 4 hours it took, 11.20pm we finished!  They did cover Friday through to Sunday, and we have Saturdays off from doing them – they’d take over otherwise, and we’d have no time to do anything else.

So Monday morning comes around again, the alarm goes off at 6am……I really didn’t want to move……..

And to top it all off Tutorial 4 and Assignment 4 has arrived…….I really haven’t had time to do much with it all yet……….smack wrists……….


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