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Wow…..Marti Pellow in concert!

I’ve been a long time fan of Wet Wet Wet……since they hit the charts in 1987…..and very very little will come between me and seeing them live. I’ve been to see them many time over the years….I’ve lost count, but not the tickets….highlights being a free gig on the Isle of Arran in 1992, The Royal Albert Hall in November 1992 (I’ll always remember, hearing a young girl behind me…we were right at the back on the floor….saying I must sort my makeup for Marti Pellow), and the more recent Glasgow Green in 2012.  My all time favourite song is Lip Service or Big Sister Midnight, depending if you go for the released version or the original album/b-side version! However I’ve always said I want Strange playing at my funeral, and my ashes turned into a blue firework, and the firework set off with Strange playing in the background over the river (drain) near where I grew up.

Anyway back to the lovely Marti Pellow (he genuinely is a lovely person), we went to see him at The London Palladium on Sunday night.  He was awesome.  He’s just released a new album called Mysterious, and this was part of the tour.  Surprisingly he only played a couple of songs from the new album, the rest of the concert consisted of quite a few Wet Wet Wet songs (he did a solo album ‘Sings the hits of Wet Wet Wet’), including a quite recent one ‘Too Many People’, Lip Service, and ‘I can give you everything’ (one of the always  played at a Wet Wet Wet gig.  Needless to say I happily sung along to everything, was very surprised as to how many people only knew a couple of the songs.  None the less, I loved every minute of it…..sooo want to see the Wets again live!!

You’d never know anything had happened last week, London was a very busy place Sunday afternoon….so good to know that we will not let them win, by stopping visiting.



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