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Life must go on……

10502378974_6c253a2cd6_kThe awful attack that happened in London yesterday, puts things in to perspective as to how short life can actually be.

At the beginning of the week I received tutorial 3 of my course, flicking through the paperwork, it looks quite exciting, I’m looking forward to that assignment.

Up until yesterday, the week carried on as usual…….Library duty Monday evening, Gym Tuesday evening…..

Wednesday evening is usually spent with the bf…I cook him dinner, we do our stickers (we have a little sticker business on eBay…UK only), and relax watching a bit of TV before I head home……last night was nearly normal, but was mainly spent watching the news for updates on what had happened.

I have walked across Westminster Bridge, many, many times, nine times out of ten I stop and take in the beautiful view of the London Eye, Big Ben  and the Parliament Buildings (I love the skyline across there) and if I stop I always take a picture or five!!!  I’m usually on the other side of the road, but on the odd occasion, I’ve used the other side, but only to take photos of the beautiful Parliament buildings. I can’t begin to imagine what those caught up in this terrible incident have gone through, all I can do is express my sympathy for those families who have lost loved ones, and send best wishes to those who survived and wish them a speedy recovery of their physical injuries, I know (from a different experience), that the psychological side of things will take a long, long time to heal/fade, unfortunately it will never disappear, and they will live with the memory forever…..the saying ‘time is a great healer’ really is true, and I hope that they continue to visit the beautiful City of London in the future.  Also I want to pay tribute to the amazing emergency services, who make us feel as safe and secure as they can, they put their lives on the line to look after us, for that I thank them.   Life must go on, we must carry on as normal, and show those awful screwed up people that they cannot win, they may disrupt many of us about our day to day business and unfortunately they often take some innocent victims with them, but we can rise above them.  This attack will not stop me visiting London (the bf said that it makes him feel more secure in visiting there, as the emergency services have shown how good they really are), it will not stop me walking over Westminster Bridge, visiting other tourist spots, I hope that others defy these terrorists too.



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