Personal Stylist

Tutorials 1 & 2 have arrived… will be here soon too….


So….I’ve received the first two tutorials…of 12 tutorials and 8 assignments for my “Professional Photo, Film,TV &  Personal Stylist’s” Course has arrived…… these will be arriving every 2 weeks, with the next one due next week….

I’m excited, but a little nervous….hopefully that’s good!

I’ve been good and read through the first tutorial…..not had chance to do much else with it yet. The second tutorial arrived last week, so really need to knuckle down. Saturday mornings is my plan…with the odd lunchtime when I can.

To be fair I haven’t had much chance in the few weeks to do anything with it, I’ve been a tad too busy!

As well as working full time, volunteering at my local library and taking parents to hospital appointments, I’ve turned up a friends wedding dress (she looks beautiful in it), I’m helping the bf with his kit car (that’s another story) and then there’s my Mums Mother’s Day pressie that she should’ve been her Christmas pressie…..I’m knitting her a throw/blanket type thing! There’s other stuff I do too, but that’s not exciting at all….

I did manage to fit in a couple of trips to the cinema to see John Wick; Chapter 2 and Logan (I love Wolverine, he was my favourite character from the X-Men years ago when I used to watch the cartoons on TV, Hugh Jackman, has just brought hime to life for me)….Cineworld cards are great!!

Oh and I went to see the Kaiser Chiefs…..fantastic they were. The jacket Ricky was wearing was stunning. Love going to see these guys live….I love the Ricky Wilson that’s on stage with the Kaiser Chiefs. Seen them a few times now, each time just gets better.

Apparently I had 2.5 days holiday leave from work the other week, not sure where it went!!




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