EveryDay stuff

And then there is Alfred……

Alfred is a very well travelled (in the UK) teddy bear, who likes to go on adventures with me (he has his own Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts as well as a blog ‘Hi I’m Alfred’ at alfredtbear.wordpress.com). So keep an eye out for him, you never know where he might appear, because he will be part of this adventure into Personal Shopping with me.

He has got his humans (Me, M and our niece ‘A) told off a few times when posing for pictures when in art galleries. He loves football (part of the well travelled), but as I no longer go to matches (I had a Norwich City FC season ticket) he doesn’t go to many games now. He enjoys looking and being in fast cars, with regular trips to the Formula 1 at Silverstone and Goodwood Festival of Speed. He went to the London Olympics and Paralymics. He also likes musicals and concerts, he’s been to a few. And he’s proudly had his photo taken with a couple of celebrities, Jake Humphries being his favourite….well he is a Norwich Bear after all!




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