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What is it with people?

I kind of hoped that after the horrific attack on Westminster Bridge a few months ago, was a one off. But now with Manchester and London again, I wonder how many more times the UK will be hit.

I really feel for Ariana Grande, I can’t even begin to imagine how she feels after her Manchester concert. I hope that the guilt she so obviously feels, because those that died and were injured, were there because of her, doesn’t hold her back.  The One Love Manchester concert she pulled together on Sunday was truly amazing.

Slimming World

Week 49……

So this week I only put on 1/2lb….I’ll happily take that!

Saturday: Yogurt and some fruit for breakfast. Fruit. A salted caramel muffin for lunch. Left over chinese, pizza and chips for dinner…..not forgetting a piece of my birthday cake! Far far too many syns!!!

Sunday: Pitta bread with hash browns cheese bacon and eggs for brunch. Some fruit. SlimmingWorld Mac cheese for dinner. The last of my birthday cake.

Monday: Yogurt with melon and grapes for breakfast. Fruit. Lunch was a salad. Dinner was pasta bolognese. A piece of Birthday Cake (not mine) 15syns

Tuesday: Yogurt with melon and grapes. Fruit. Lunch was a cheese and tomato omelette with salad. Dinner was SlimmingWorld chicken Kiev with SlimmingWorld chips and beans. 4syns

Wednesday: Yogurt with melon blueberries and grapes for breakfast. Lots of fruit….including Gooseberries Tuna and sweetcorn pasta for lunch. Asian style beef on slow cooker with noodles. Around 5syns.

Thursday: Yogurt with melon grapes and blueberries for breakfast. Lots of fruits. For lunch tuna and sweetcorn sandwiches with quavers and a Alpen bar. For dinner we had gammon eggs peas and SlimmingWorld chips and Lo calorie ice cream. About 20syns today.

Friday: Yogurt with melon grapes blueberries and strawberries. Fruit. Tomato bacon and mushroom omelette with salad and ketchup for lunch. Dinner was bbq. Around 20syns.

Hopefully I’ve lost this week, I’ve been reasonably good…….

Slimming World

Week 48…….

Well this week I gained 1lb….expected that!!

It’s my birthday on Friday…..wonder how that will go, the bf is doing dinner for me….I’ve been told it will be Chinese!!!!!

Saturday: Yogurt with fresh fruit for breakfast. Some fruit. Chicken baguette with Branson pickle for lunch. Out for dinner had burger with cheese salad and chips. Ice cream.

Sunday: Egg bacon hash browns and cheese sandwich for brunch. Dinner was chicken pasta and yogurt cake with low calorie ice cream.

Monday: Overnight oats with yogurt and frozen fruit. Lots of fruit. Tinned salmon salad for lunch. Dirty rice and yogurt for dinner. 0syns

Tuesday: Overnight oats with yogurt and frozen fruit. Fruit glorious fruit. Lunch was tinned salmon salad. Dinner was Lasagne and salad. 0syns

Wednesday: Overnight oats with yogurt and fresh fruit. Not so much fruit as didn’t pick it all up this morning! 😔 Lunch was leftover lasagne. Dinner is BBQ. About 15syns

Thursday: Overnight oats with yogurt and fresh fruit. Tuna and sweetcorn salad for lunch. Fruit (I remembered it today!) For dinner jacket potato with salad cheese beans and cold meat and strawberry cheesecake and ice cream. Some chocolate.

Friday: Birthday today!

So I’ve started the day good, yogurt and fruit. Will eat fruit during the day. Omelette for lunch. The amazing cake my mum made with fresh cream and strawberry jam. Chinese for dinner. And a little chocolate.

Not expecting a loss, hoping for a maintain, but expecting a gain….


Bands I’ve seen live………

Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to see many bands, I’ve pretty much seen everyone I’ve wanted to see.  A few have slipped through the net, but that unfortunately was due to their passing away.

Though I’d make a list of all I (remember) I have seen………………I know I have missed a few, but due to them being support acts as oppose to who ever I wanted to see…..



Ant & Dec (PJ & Duncan)

Atomic Kitten


Beach Boys

Belinda Carlise

Billington and Quinn

Billy Ocean

Billy Piper



Bon Jovi


Bryan Adams

Bucks Fizz




China Crisis

Chris Issak


Curisoity Killed The Cat

Curtis Stigers

Deacon Blue

Def Leppard

Dizzy Rascal

Echo and the Bunnymen

Eliza Doolittle

Emma Bunton

Eugene Speed


Gary Barlow

George Michael

Go West

Grace Jones

Graeme Clarke

Green Day

Heather Small

Howard Jones

Ian Dury

Jame Fox

Jamie Cullum


Jane Weidlin

Jason Donovan

Kaiser Chiefs

Kim Wilde

KT Tunstall


Lady Ga Ga

Lesley Garrett


Manic Street Preachers

Marc Almond

Marti Pellow


Melanie C

Michael Ball

Midge Ure



Nik Kershaw


Pauls Young

Pet Shop Boys

Peter Andre




Rick Astley

Ricky Martin

Right Said Fred

Robbie Williams

S Club 7

Salt N Pepper

Scissor Sisters

Scouting for Girls


Shakin Stevens


Simply Red


Sophie Ellis-Bextor


Status Quo

Take That (as 4 piece and with Robbie)


The Feeling

The Jacksons

The Real Thing

The Wanted

Thompson Twins – Tom Bailey


Tom Jones

Tom Odell

Tony Hadley






Van Halen

Wet Wet Wet

Will Young

My favourites will always be Wet Wet Wet, with The Feeling and Jamiroquai a very close second & third, (not neccessarily that way around!!)

Slimming World

Week 47……

So……..I maintained this week…not to worry, I’ll get there!

Saturday: Fresh fruit with Mullier light vanilla yogurt and fromage frais. Some fruit. Leftover bbq food for lunch.  For dinner we had Old El Paso crispy chicken fajitas.  I also had a small bar of galaxy chocolate.

Sunday: Pitta bread with hash browns, darylea chees squares, bacon and egg for brunch. Fruit.  Cheesy chips (at a concert) for dinner.

Monday: Overnight oats with fruit for beakfast.  Fruit, lots of it! For lunch sausage salad. A small Cadburys Flake, and sweets (oops!) For dinner, bolognese type pasta  and a strawberry crumble muffin.

Tuesday: Overnight oats with fresh fruit for breakfast.  Lots of fruit.  Tuna and sweetcorn pasta salad for lunch.  Pinch of Noms Slimmingworld Dirty rice for dinner. Mullier light yogurt and slice of SlimmingWorld Strawberry Cheesecake.

Wednesday: Overnight oats with fresh fruit.  Lots of fruit.  Tinned salmon sald for lunch with Mullier light yogurt.  For dinner Powters Skinny Pig Sausgages, egg, SlimmingWorld chips and baked beans.

Thursday: Yogurt with fresh fruit for breakfast. Fruit. Salmon sandwiches with wotsits, a HiFi bar and yogurt for lunch. Dinner was spag bol.

Friday: Yogurt with fresh fruit for breakfast. Fruit. Tomato sausage and cheese omelette for lunch. Dinner was chicken mushroom and pea pasta.

Not a great week, but we will see!

EveryDay stuff


……..actually gutted!!!!

I’ve always liked A-Ha, back in the 80’s at school, I remember being so so jealous of a girl in my class going to see them, a concert was the holy grail, A-Ha at the time was just, well, it was A-Ha!

I finally got my chance to see them last night at The Abbey – Cambridge United FC’s ground.  The bf was surprised that I’d not seen them before.

I love the venue, been there many time watching football over the years, that was great!

One of the Thompson Twins – Tom Bailey was the first support act……the songs were good, him singing them was shocking, he was so loud, we presume to make up for him not being able to sing.

OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark) were the final support, they were good, but I’m afraid I found an hour of them too much!

Then came A-Ha……..

All I can say is that Morten Harket has the stage precence of a wet lettuce……… He came on stage he sang, but that was it…..no dancing, moving to the  music, playing to the crowd……talking to the crowd…..  Quite late on he did a lets have a sing along, but that was dreadful.  The lovely Mags did the introductions, did the that part of the crowd sign, now this part of the crowd sing, but……..  Pal only came to life when Mags picked up a guitar, and they did a little bit together……Morten carried on doing his thing.

Don’t get me wrong, the band were fantastic, Mags and Pal were too, Mortens voice is amazing, but it was flat…………

Maybe Morten is ill. Maybe he has a bad back as he wasn’t really moving. We wondered if he was saving his voice, that he had a problem as he was not speaking to start with, but as they went through the set, we were proved wrong.  Or was it just pure arrogance, that he was the big star, that us as fans were just there to hero worship him (personally I always loved Mags), he was too important to interact with us very much.

It was a good gig, but I was disappointed……gutted……..I was so glad that I had only travelled 20miles to see them, that I hadn’t spent a lot of money on accommodaion and travel to see them.


UPDATE:  I’ve just heard from a friend who went with us to the concert……a guy who he works with took his wife to see A-Ha 25years ago…….apparently they were exactly the same back then…….no interaction with the fans………

I only have one question……

How have they survived touring??????


Slimming World

Week 46…..

And so surprisingly I lost 1.5lb over the last two weeks. 3lb to the next shiny….can I do it…..maybe!

Saturday: Weetabix for breakfast. Some fruit. Scrambled eggs with ketchup for lunch. Dinner was chicken and chorizo pasta. Crunch or ice cream in the evening. A lot of syns.

Sunday: Pitta bread with hash browns bacon and plastic cheese for brunch (cooked by the bf). Fruit. Out for the evening to see the gorgeously amazing talented Marti Pellow is pub for dinner, I had a hot baguette with chicken and stuffing with gravy and roast potatoes and chocolate brownie with ice cream and chocolate sauce. No syn counting today!

Monday: Overnight oats with yogurt and fresh fruit. Lots of fruit. For lunch tuna and sweetcorn salad. For dinner chicken and veg risotto. Around 2syns.

Tuesday: Overnight oats with yogurt and frozen fruit. Fruit. Tuna and sweetcorn pasta for lunch. For dinner we had SlimmingWorld cottage pie and veg with gravy. About 6syns

Wednesday: Overnight oats with yogurt and fresh fruit for breakfast. Lots of fruit. Tuna and sweetcorn salad for lunch. Sausage egg chips and beans for dinner. Around 5syns today.

Thursday: Overnight oats with yogurt and fresh fruit for breakfast. Fruit. Sausage salad for lunch. For dinner chilli with rice and salad and Eaton mess. Around 4syns.

Friday: Weetabix with fresh fruit for breakfast. Fruit glorious fruit. Lunch was a tomato and bacon omelette with ketchup. Dinner was bbq- SlimmingWorld burger, powters skinny pig sausages, chinese ribs and skinless chicken and 2 white rolls with dairlea light cheese slices. Too many syns.

Hopefully I’ll get that shiny, but may have scuppered that with the BBQ.

Slimming World

I think I’m there…….

So this morning I did a ‘have a quick look in the mirror’ to make sure I look ok…..not an everyday thing for a whole outfit for some reason, especially when it comes to going to  work.  Anyways, what I saw this morning prompted me to try on the dresses that I’ve been aiming to get back into.

Bearing in mind a month ago ,I wasn’t where I wanted to be, I figured it wouldn’t hurt.

So on went the dresses….including the one I’ve been aiming to get back into!



Happy happy days!!!

Sooo…….my plan is to get my nice 3.5stone shiny, and whatever weight I’m at when I get that, will be my target weight!!

The bf has voiced concerns that I’m giving up……  I’m not giving up, I’m not sure that I will keep these food diaries going once I hit that ‘target weight’, but I won’t give up going to club on a Saturday morning for weigh in.

I  think thats when the problems start for most people, when they don’t keep going for weigh in.  They get complacent, they’ve got to target, they know what they are doing, so they have no need to go.  For me it will be an incentive to stay where I should be.  Also  when doing the Moonwalk with my SIL T, we had a few hours of walking, just me and her.  Her weight loss wasn’t going to plan, she was talking of quiting SlimminWorld, so during that time I talked her into joining me at my club. So I can’t let her down and not be there each week for her to encourage her, the same goes for my MIL.  And I  genuinely like the people I have met at club.

I’m not sure how easy it will be to maintain my weight, but I believe we are allowed 3lb either way of target at weigh in……..I will keep you updated of how I am doing….

One of the best things of this weight loss……the whole new (old) wardrobe I have.  I never did throw away the clothes I was wearing 5 years ago, some of them because I loved them so much…….I can now get back in them……apart form odd bits and pieces, I’ve not had to buy anything new, yet have that new wardrobe, that not many people remember!!!!

Hopefully I can be an incentive to someone through this blog.  If I can help one person, then I’ve achieved something!

So here’s to that 3.5stone shiny, and a lifetime of staying at the weight I want to be……..