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What is it with people?

I kind of hoped that after the horrific attack on Westminster Bridge a few months ago, was a one off. But now with Manchester and London again, I wonder how many more times the UK will be hit.

I really feel for Ariana Grande, I can’t even begin to imagine how she feels after her Manchester concert. I hope that the guilt she so obviously feels, because those that died and were injured, were there because of her, doesn’t hold her back.  The One Love Manchester concert she pulled together on Sunday was truly amazing.

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Beautiful winter……..

I love winter here in England (I like being inside warm and cosy rather than outside in the cold).

I love how pretty the frost is on the ground, on the trees and other objects.

I think snow is stunning to look at when it’s settled on everything.

Why is it, we’re in one the most beautiful times of year (in my opinion anyway), yet it’s also the most lethal.

I work in Highways and have nothing but the utmost respect for my colleagues who, go out on untreated roads to make it safer for us to drive on them.

These guys have to drive to their designated council depot (at anytime day or night). When they are on call, they cannot really plan anything….just in case. If they do they’ve got to be able to get to the depot when needed whether it be 8pm at night, 3am in the morning or 1pm in the afternoon. Last weekend with the snow, the guys went out 8 times over Saturday and Sunday.

They in turn have to drive the gritter lorries on untreated roads….each run takes around two hours.

It make my blood boil, when people complain that the roads haven’t been gritted, because they can’t drive as fast as they would on a dry day just because they haven’t seen a gritter, doesn’t mean to say the guys haven’t been out, when they’ve all been wrapped up snuggly in bed asleep after their night out drinking.

So a big thank you to those guys who want to have a drink this Christmas but can’t, the ones who (may)have to go out at 6pm Christmas Day, the ones who want to have a drink to celebrate new year but can’t……because they are on call for gritting to make it safer for us to use the roads…..

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That snivelling time of year……

Every morning for the last few days I’ve felt like a cold is trying to find its way out. I either get better during the day…yesterday or worse…. Wednesday.

Today I’m starting off really bad……I don’t like it!

I have friends with young babies and others with elderly parents…..it’s not fair on them to be around them with whatever bug this seems to be.

I was asked the other day by Tesco pharmacy if I’ve had my flu jab……she wasn’t quite sure of my reaction of….no I haven’t, and by how I’ll my parents were from it, I’ll give it a miss. My parents still haven’t got over theirs, and they had it weeks ago.

Fingers crossed this won’t develop into anything worse as we are so close to Christmas and I finish work on 20th December and go back on 2nd January.

Slimming World

Week 21……

So amazed that I lost 1/2lb last week…..especially as I have been brought up with the superstition that it’s bad luck to turn down those mince pies……

Saturday: Weetabix for breakfast. Banana and apple and grapes. Heinz Spaghetti hoops on toast for lunch. The bfs works Christmas dinner tonight…..salmon with bread for starter, roast turkey with pigs in blankets and veg , and a trio of chocolate desserts. 3 Malibu with Diet Coke and 2 glasses of rose wine. Not counting the syns…..

Sunday: Full English breakfast with toast for breakfast. No lunch, roast beef with veg and rice pudding and a mince pie for dinner. Advent Calendar Chocolate. Again not counting the syns today…..

Monday: Weetabix for breakfast. Lunch/dinner cold beef, chicken, ham and tomatoes. Some fruit. Yogurt and blueberries. No syns today!

Tuesday: Weetabix for breakfast with blueberries. Fruit….lots of it. Cold chicken and ham with melon for lunch. Beef stew for dinner. Today’s and yesterday’s advent calendar Chocolate. Around 5 syns.

Wednesday: Weetabix for breakfast. Fruit! Scrambled egg and baked beans for lunch. Old El Paso crispy chicken fajitas for dinner. Advent Calendar Chocolate. Around 20syns.

Thursday: Yogurt with grapes and melon. 3 sweets(about 3syns) Chicken Salad sandwiches for lunch (bread Healthy Extra)(Service Station jobbie as out on site with someone and couldn’t get anything else). Fruit. Advent Calendar Chocolate. For dinner was sausages, chips and peas. 15syns today.

Friday: Feeling full of cold this morning…..it’s been creeping up the last couple of days. Yogurt with blueberries for breakfast. Ham for lunch. Advent Calendar Chocolate. Extra strong mint. Dinner was Dominos Meatylishous pizza. Too many syns!

I really want that 1lb off this week, but really not expecting it! We’ll see…..

Slimming World

Week 20……

Wow 1/2lb off this week…..certainly didn’t expect that!!!! Especially after that kebab last night!!!

Saturday: Not a good day. Advent Calendar Chocolate. No breakfast today. McDonald’s chicken selects (4) with chips. A plum and some grapes. A mince pie! Was taken out to dinner…..had chicken wings with cranberry sauce for starter. Toast dinner; turkey, beef, Yorkshire pud, carrots, stuffing, mashed and roast potatoes for main.

Sunday: Advent Calendar Chocolate. McDonald’s double sausage and egg muffin with 2 hash browns. 2 mince pies. A plum a tangerine and a few grapes. Pizza for dinner…..millions of syns this weekend.

This week hasn’t started good…..but hopefully the rest of the week will be better!

Monday: Soo…..for breakfast yogurt with melon and grapes. Apple and grapes. Egg and cold potato salad for lunch with yogurt and fruit. Dinner was a pasta bake. 2 mince pies. Around 25syns.

Tuesday: Yogurt with melon and grapes for breakfast. Fruit fruit and more fruit. SlimmingWorld Chicken Chow Mien and yogurt with blueberries for lunch. Jacket potato with cheese, some butter and Gammon and a mince pie. Yesterday’s and today’s Advent Calendar Chocolate. Around 18syns.

Wednesday: Yogurt with blueberries and banana for breakfast. A lot of fruit. SlimmingWorld Meatballs and Pasta. Dinner will be interesting….off to see Jamiroquai at the O2 London (Millennium Dome that was)….. so dinner was Burger King chicken royale with cheese and chips and a cheese bite. And my Advent Calendar Chocolate. Far to many syns to count!!

Thursday: Breakfast was yogurt with melon and mango. Fruit! Lunch was SlimmingWorld chorizo paella and yogurt. Dinner was chicken and cheese strings (healthy extra) a couple of mince pies. Around 15 syns today.

Friday: Breakfast was Weetabix. A lot of fruit. Lunch was boiled eggs and chicken. Advent Calendar Chocolate. Dinner was McDonald’s 3 piece chicken selects with chips and cheese bites…..a lot of syns……

Hey ho…….

Slimming World

Week 19…..

And so we begin another week……surprisingly I lost 2lb this week. Wasn’t expecting that!

So…...I keep saying just fruit, well an average working day of fruit for me is usually…..Apple, Pear, Plums, Grapes, Banana, Tangerine/Clementine. Peaches & Nectarines occasionally now they are soooo expensive – £1 per peice of fruit! Blueberries and Melon depend on when I go shopping, as the rest live in my locker at work during the week.  All except grapes and bananas are ‘Speed Foods’.  Speed foods are the fruit and veg that help us loose weight a little quicker.  ‘Free Foods’ which grapes and bananas are still help, and we can still eat plenty of, but they’re not so quick at helping!

Saturday: Naughty today, no breakfast this morning. Strawberry jam on toast for lunch. Frankie & Bennies for dinner….shared starter with the bf and Salmon with potatoes, green beans, broccoli and peas. around 20syns, I’d say.

Sunday: Cod roes for brunch.  Some fruit. Roast beef with yorshire pud and veg, and rice pudding for dinner.  Around 10syns today.

Monday: Yogurt with melon and grapes for breakfast. Snacks of boiled eggs. Chicken salad for lunch, with cheese strings.  Bucket loads of fruit….boy are peaches and nectarines expensive at the moment, there was  time when I couldn’t actually get any!   Dinner was beef stew…..perfect for this cold weather….and fruit salad with yogurt.  3 syns today.

Tuesday: Overnight oats in yogurt with blueberries for breakfast.  Fruit, fruit and more fruit…..  Chicjken Salad for lunch, with cheese strings.  For dinner it was stew and dumplings and a small cake with cream in.  Around 20syns today.

I really want to get that 2lb off so I can have my 2 stone off shiny……then I could think about the next shiny of 2.5 stone off…..

Wednesday: Overnight oats in yogurt with blueberries for breakfast.  Fruit….not as much as yesterday, as my supply I got for the office has mostly gone….just a nectarine, apples and bananas left. Lunch is Slimmingworld meatballs and pasta meal.  Dinner is fine dining at McDonalds grilled chicken and bacon salad with balsamic dressing and those nice cheese bites they do (part of the healthy extra!), as we’re off to the cinema tonight. What I didn’t even think of was the free chocolate they gave away….Galaxy Salted Caramel….was very good, worked out that each piece is about 2 syns, I had 4 pieces, I should’ve just had the 3 pieces, the last one was a little too sweet! I’d say 18 syns today.

Thursday: Yogurt with melon and grapes for breakfast. That stuff called fruit…… SlimmingWorld Chicken and Chorizo-style sausage paella for lunch.  More yogurt with blueberries.  Fine dining at McDonald’s again, as it’s a school night, so… grilled chicken garlic mayo wrap with chips….couldn’t face salad!!! Too many syns today.

Friday: Today is the first day of advent……I have an advert calendar with chocolate in it…….Door 1 today! Weetabix for breakfast. Boiled eggs and chicken for lunch. Some fruit. Then it all went wrong…..got very cold messing about with car brakes…..had kebab with salad, garlic mayo and a few chips…… Not counting the syns today……too scary!!!!

Fingers crossed for tomorrow, you never know that shiny may come my way, but after what I’ve eaten the last couple of days, I very much doubt it it will………

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Secret screening……

Every so often Cineworld have a secret screening for those of us who have a pay monthly Unlimited Card with them (you can watch as many films as you want for £17.90 a month)…..basically you book a ticket and hope that the film will be good. In the past we’ve seen The secret life of Walter Mitty (it was rubbish) and one of The Planet of the Apes movies (liked that one).

Tonight’s was Mollys Game. Really enjoyed it. Based on a true story about a skier who got injured and on deferring Law school started a Poker ring.

Not something we’d normally go to see, but enjoyed it all the same.

The bonus (or not in my case due to fat club) was the free bar of Galaxy Salted Caramel Chocolate they have us as we went in…..,

Slimming World

Week 18……

So…….I put on 1/2lb this week. Not surprised with the McDonald’s I had! 4lb to 2 stone now!!

Saturday: Overnight oats in yogurt with banana for breakfast. A naughty Hoisin Duck wrap for lunch and Old El Paso crispy Chicken fajitas for dinner. A couple of bits of fruit too. A lot of syns!

Sunday: Kippers for breakfast. Some fruit. Roast pork and veg for dinner. Around 4syns I think.

Monday: Weetabix for breakfast. Salad, chicken for lunch. Boiled eggs. Some fruit. Jacket potato with butter, cheese and bacon for dinner. Around 20syns I would think with the butter and bacon!

Tuesday: Weetabix with blueberries for breakfast. Salad for lunch. A couple of Dark Chocolate Cadbury Thins. Bucket loads of fruit. For dinner I had minced Beef casserole. Around 6 syns today.

Wednesday: Overnight oats with blueberries for breakfast. A lot of fruit. Lunch was a tin of Hienz Spaghetti Bolognese. Dinner sausage(normal sausage, butchers had run out of their slimmers ones) egg chips and beans…. Around 10 syns today.

Thursday: Yogurt with melon and grapes for breakfast. Loads and loads of fruit. Hienz Beef Ravioli for lunch. Will be very good this week and have grilled chicken and bacon salad with balsamic dressing at McDonald’s. 6 syns today.

Want to lose that 4lbs to get my 2st shiny and certificate!

Friday: Weetabix for breakfast. Loads of fruit…not as much as yesterday. Scrambled eggs with baked beans for lunch. For dinner the bf decided tonight was date night….buffet chinese…..I’d been soooo good today too!

Here goes tomorrow……fingers crossed.😳😬😐