What’s this all about…..

I started this blog to follow my journey into becoming (fingers crossed) a Personal Stylist….

As part of the journey you’ll hear random bits about my life with my family, my boyfriend  and my lovely little teddy bear Alfred.

I hope you enjoy….

Well..that was the idea in back in Feb 2017…..roll onto Feb 2019……

This has all changed, it has become a blog of the all the random things that happen in my life………losing weight, concerts, cars, as well as my progress with the course, which I passed on 14th February 2019.

In fact it has become a major part of my weight loss journey, hopefully its not too boring for you reading what I eat each week!

I still hope you enjoy finding out what I’ve been up to……sometimes I will write alot, sometimes there will be months in between…….except for the losing weight thing, that will still be weekly…ish!