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What is it with people?

I kind of hoped that after the horrific attack on Westminster Bridge a few months ago, was a one off. But now with Manchester and London again, I wonder how many more times the UK will be hit.

I really feel for Ariana Grande, I can’t even begin to imagine how she feels after her Manchester concert. I hope that the guilt she so obviously feels, because those that died and were injured, were there because of her, doesn’t hold her back.  The One Love Manchester concert she pulled together on Sunday was truly amazing.

Slimming World

Week 34……

This week I lost the 1.5lb I put on last week. I’m happy with that.

Saturday: Overnight oats with mixed berries. Some fruit. Lunch was wafer thin ham and yogurt with melon. Dinner was Old El Paso crispy chicken fajitas. Around 25syns.

Sunday: Cod roe for breakfast. Some fruit. Roast beef veg and Yorkshire pud and spotted dick and custard for dinner. Too many syns today to count.

Monday: Yogurt with melon and grapes for breakfast.  Fruit! Alpen double chocolate bars (2 for healthy extra) 2 Cheese straws (healthy extra).  For lunch Heinz Spaghetti Bolognaise and yogurt with blueberries.  For dinner we had bolognese pasta bake (with mixed veg in it) with cheese. Around 9syn today.

Tuesday: Yogurt with banana, pear, peach, grapes and blueberries for breakfast. Fruit fruit and fruit. An Alpen double chocolate bar. Scrambled eggs with baked beans and yogurt with blueberries for lunch. Jacket potato with a little butter and tuna and sweetcorn for dinner. About 6syns today.

Wednesday: Yogurt with melon and grapes for breakfast. Fruit. Lunch was buffet food….a leaving do! Sausage egg chips and beans for dinner. Too many syns.

Thursday: Weetabix for breakfast. Fruit. Heinz Spaghetti Bolognese for lunch. McDonald’s fine dining for dinner, grilled chicken and bacon salad with balsamic dressing. 6syns today.

So, due to me going to watch cars going around in circles on Saturday, I’m going to weigh in at a different club that’s localish to me at 9.30am tomorrow morning. So thats me for week 34…..Fingers crossed.

Normal service (week) should be resumed next week!

London Moonwalk

Walkies…..Week 6……

So last week was a nightmare, like the previous few weeks, hopefully this week, but it’s not looking promising….

Monday: No proper walking today, still on the cold a flu pills, when will it end……

Tuesday: Today we planned to go to the gym, I was going to get and hour or so on the treadmill/crosstrainer, but this cold is still there making me feel rough, so that’s gone out of the window.  I really hope I can shake this cold by the end of the week.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Just didn’t happen at all!

30649 steps  12.78miles this week, I need to be doing this a day if not over 2 days…..


I feel so much better now, so let the training begin…..properly this time…….

Slimming World

Week 33………

So…….1.5lb on this week. Not surprised as had the big loss last week. Oh well!

Saturday: Scrambled eggs with cheese (healthy extra) and ketchup for breakfast. Some fruit.Fruit & nut HiFi bar (healthy extra). Boiled eggs and ham for lunch. Was planning on a sensible not too many syns meal as we were out, but due us forgetting the tickets for the concert we were going to – which was fantastic – and having an hour round trip to collect them I ended up with a kebab with ketchup it did have salad….so a lot of syns!

Sunday: Bacon, Scrambled eggs and baked beans with ketchup for brunch. Some fruit. For dinner roast pork with veg and Yorkshire pud and treacle sponge and custard. Think tonights pudding was well over on syns today.

Monday: Yogurt with melon and grapes for breakfast. Fruit. For lunch Scrambled eggs and baked beans and yogurt with blueberries. For dinner I had SlimmingWorld lasagne with salad. 0syns today. (Making up for the weekend!)

Tuesday: Yogurt with melon and grapes for breakfast. Fruit. Scrambled eggs with baked beans for lunch with yogurt and blueberries. For dinner pasta bolognese with a little cheese (healthy extra). 0syns today ( I think I had most of the weeks share over the weekend!)

Wednesday: Breakfast was a bit of a mess this morning, just had lots of fruit. Lunch was yesterday’s leftovers. For dinner we have Old El Paso Cheesy Enchiladas with Salad. Around 15syns after taking out the healthy extras.

Thursday: For breakfast I had weetabix (one chocolate & one normal, love this combination)  Fruit…of course!  For lunch SlimmingWorld ham and mushroom pasta meal.  For dinner its McDonalds Fine dining – Grilled Chicken and bacon salad with Balsamic dressing. 3 syns today.

Friday: Breakfast today i had overnight oats with banana.  Some fruit. For Lunch I had SlimmingWorld Beef Lasagne with Salad.   For dinner, it’s back to fine dining at McDonalds (cinema night) Grilled Chicken and bacon salad with Balsamic dressing. 3syns today

Fingers crossed that I’ve lost what I put on last week, and a little bit more, but, as I’m working out, anything is possible with me, I could have put on 4lb for all I know, I could have lost that amount too……. I think I’m a bit too far off the next shiny to get excited about it……6.5lb to go to get my 3st shiny!

EveryDay stuff

Should’ve gone to Specsavers…….oh I did!

I couldn’t get an appointment with my usual opticians, within a reasonable time, but as I was getting headaches driving and when using the computer for work, I thought a month was too long to wait, so I ended up at Specsavers – as recommended by the MIL.

So it turns out that my eyes aren’t as good as I thought they were…..

When I left school and went to college I needed glasses because I couldn’t cope with the white boards after blackboards, but when I started work, I didn’t need them.

Now it turns out I need them for driving and reading/computers….

The reading side, I’ve always had everything from computers through to Kindle to phone on the smallest writing, I didn’t think I had a problem.  Now I’m a week in of wearing the glasses I struggle without them!

At the moment, I have a pair of glasses for driving and a pair for reading.  I’m beginning to understand why the optician suggested that I get varifocals.  The reason I didn’t was because I wanted to get used to the idea of wearing them first……  Tomorrow, I’m off to the opticians to see about getting varifocals, with react-to-light lenses, with scratch resistance too, I think that will be easier when it comes to things like Goodwood and Silverstone, where I will want glasses/sunglasses, but will need both the reading and distance. I’m thinking that I might get some driving sunglasses to live in the car too, as the react-to-light lenses won’t work in the car.

Having all different sorts of glasses also means that when I’m due for an eye test in 12 months’ time (I’m over 40 and my dad has glaucoma so every 12 months it is), I’ll have more idea what I want rather than all this indecision. I may not get on with the varifocals, but I might hence the react-to-light lenses, time will tell…….

All of my immediate family have glasses, Mum wears hers the least, and Dad the most due to his glaucoma, so I suppose it was inevitable that I would again too…..I’d hoped that I’d been missed out by the bad eye fairy!


Nearly healthy!

After months of feeling rubbish, doing lots of snivelling, sneezing and coughing, I finally feel like I’m on the mend…..hopefully I’m not talking too soon….I feel so much better today.  I slept well last night according to my Fitbit, a solid 5hrs 42mins, rather than an hour or so and get restless.  Zero sugar blue monster and Cold and flu pills have been my friend through all of this!

I managed to get rid of whatever it was that I gave into the other week, a day or so after giving into it.  Then last week, a full blown snotty nose, couldn’t breath, lots of coughing cold started, something I would class as a proper cold I suppose!

The cough is still sort of there, nose isn’t as blocked (it’s been hell the last week) – still need to empty it once in a while, as oppose to every 5/10 minutes the last week and I can actually breath.  Friday night was the worst, I struggled to breath, and could hardly sleep.

I’m hoping now that anything that hits now is hayfever related – I usually start the hayfever pills this time of year, when things start to grow!

Fingers crossed that thats it for the time being, I’ve had enough of being ill (the bf has had enough of it too), I want to get out there doing my walkies, and get back to the gym on a Tuesday evening with the bf.

I really am hoping!

Slimming World

Week 32……

Wow!!!!! 4.5lb off this week……that’s 2st 9lb in total so far……and a nice 2.5stone shiny 😁😁😁😁😁 very very happy with that!!!!! Really didn’t expect the 4.5lb at all, was hoping for the 2.5lb to get my shiny, but…..  Only 5lb to the next shiny for 3stone, I would love to get that in the next couple of weeks, but if that happens it’ll be an even bigger shock!!!

Saturday: Yogurt with blueberries for breakfast. Some fruit. Then it all goes wrong for the day! McDonald’s chicken selects (4) with chips and mozzarella sticks. Dominos pizza for dinner, not much cheese, so not as many syns as it could have been! The pizza was planned…..I told them at weigh in today that I was having it!!!! Too many syns……or as my niece ‘A’ would say a black hole day!!!

Sunday: Yogurt with fruit for breakfast. Some fruit. Boiled eggs and chicken for lunch. Roast beef, veg and Yorkshire pud and spotted dick and custard for dinner. Around 15syns.

Monday: Weetabix (1choc 1normal) for breakfast. Some fruit. Heinz Beef Ravioli for lunch. 2 dark chocolate McVities digestive thins. Jacket potato with cheese and beans and a little butter for dinner. Around 15syns today

Tuesday: Overnight oats in yogurt with blueberries for breakfast. Fruit glorious fruit. Salad and yogurt with grapes for lunch. For dinner toad in the hole with veg and gravy. Around 10syns.

Wednesday: Overnight oats in yogurt with grape for break fast.  The inevitable fruit. For lunch SlimmingWorld chicken and chorizo style paella.  For dinner we had pasta bolognaise with cheese and garlic bread. Around 12syns.

Thursday: Yogurt with melon grapes and mango for breakfast. Fruit. Leftover pasta bolognese and yogurt with melon grapes and mango for lunch. And for dinner it should’ve been a McDonald’s fine dining salad, but due to the weather school is cancelled, so had Tesco beef lasagne. 18syns today.

Friday: Weetabix for breakfast. Fruit (not so sure of the eating a punnet of grapes most days!) SlimmingWorld Chinese Style Banquet Rice for lunch (this apparently makes my breath stink!) we had gammon, egg, chips, baked beans and sausages with ketchup for dinner. Around 8syns today.

Really hoping that I’ve lost again this week, but as I lost so much last week, a gain wouldn’t be a huge surprise, but a maintain will be better. 5lb to go to the next shiny of 3st.😬 That’s if I get there with the snow……..


Beast from the east part 3…..

Photos of beautiful icicles……because I can.

We don’t get to see them often in the uk now, and I have never seen them on a car before.